Having perfect girls for marriage for their boys is the dream of every parent. Additionally, when guys hear the word “marriage”, they assume a girl who has tall height. A girl with fair complexion, and long hair, well-educated and independent. Who also has an extraordinary talent for cooking and has the potential to do house chores all alone.  

Talking about parents, when they are about to marry off their sons. Well, the first thought of girls for marriage is the one with complete religious knowledge. Some in-laws always dream a girl for marriage who does not know to say no. Who works like a machine. Never asking for food, rest or money. She must not talk about visiting her birth home. And she must not remember her parents. She must live as if they are her owners.  

These are all expectations. Expectations of a man toward his spouse, and expectations of parents for their daughter-in-law.  

Talking outside the box, today’s blog post is not about anticipation. In fact, it is about the genuine qualities, that guys seek in girls for marriage. These qualities are deprived of physical appearance. Because all girls down there do not have tall heights, fair complexion or master cooking skills.  

Every man has different expectations regarding his spouse. It’s important to keep in mind that what qualities guys look for in girls for marriage. It can vary from person to person. As every individual has different preferences and priorities. However, based on our understanding of common values and desires among men, here are some qualities that guys may seek in girls for marriage: 

1. Compatibility

Compatibility refers to the ability of two individuals to get along well with each other. And share similar interests, values, and goals. For example, if a guy is a devout Christian and values attending church every Sunday. He may seek a girl who shares the same faith and values the importance of attending church regularly. 

 2. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. A girl who possesses emotional intelligence can handle conflicts and disagreements maturely and respectfully. Which is important for building a healthy and long-lasting relationship. 

3. Honesty

Honesty is a crucial aspect of any successful relationship. And guys may look for girls for marriage who are truthful and transparent with them. For example, if a girl makes a mistake or has an issue in the relationship, she should be able to communicate it honestly and openly with her partner. 

4. Trustworthiness

Trust is an essential component of any relationship, and a trustworthy girl can build and maintain trust with her partner. For example, if a guy confides in his girlfriend about a personal matter, he should be able to trust that she will keep it confidential and not share it with others. 

5. Kindness

Kindness is a valuable trait that can improve the quality of any relationship. A girl who is kind can be supportive, caring, and empathetic towards her partner, which can make him feel loved and appreciated. 

6. Tactful

Men prefer to find a woman who knows how to control her tongue. They look for a woman who thinks thoroughly before saying anything to avoid offending others. Moreover, she carefully ensures her words are seasoned with grace and kindness. Because the tongue is the weapon which can get you the love of your in-laws and can get their hatred too. So, every girl should be tactful but not loose-mouthed.  

7. Thoughtful

A thoughtful girl is a sweet companion yet desires the qualities of every man in girls for marriage. A thoughtful lady will not only remember all the special occasions and give you personalised presents for each, but she will also consider your needs. For example, she will thoughtfully prepare your lunchbox and give you your medicines on time. She will be thoughtful of taking care of your parents and asking them in good and bad times. 

8. Ambition

Guys may seek a girl who is ambitious and has a clear direction in life. For example, if a girl has career goals and aspirations, it can be attractive to a guy who values ambition and a strong work ethic. 

9. Independence

Independence refers to the ability to make decisions and take action without relying on others for guidance or support. An independent girl can be self-sufficient, confident, and capable of taking care of herself, which can be appealing to a guy who values self-reliance. 

10. Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to adapt to change and be open-minded to new ideas. A flexible girl who is flexible can be accommodating and willing to compromise, which can be beneficial for building a healthy and harmonious relationship. 

11. Sense of humor

A sense of humor is an attractive quality in both men and women, as it can lighten the mood and make challenging situations more manageable. A girl who has a good sense of humour can be playful, fun-loving, and enjoyable to be around.  

12. Mutual respect

Mutual respect refers to the understanding and appreciation of each other’s values, opinions, and feelings. Above all qualities, a girl who shows respect for her partner can make him feel valued and appreciated, which can be essential for building a healthy and lasting relationship. It is equally important with all other qualities. 

Seeking the perfect girls for marriage is the right of every person. But we should create a line between expectations and seeking qualities. Not all girls will have the best physical experience and the best house managing skills. Some women aren’t independent, free thinkers, and with a good education.  

Although, there will be differences in each girl. Differences of nature, personalities and principles. But the qualities we have talked about above should be the ethical ones to be present in every girl. Because, without mutual respect, honesty, thoughtfulness and trustworthiness, the marriage vehicle cannot proceed further.  

So, every man should make up his mind if he wants the best girl for marriage or a thoughtful house-making girl for marriage. The decision is yours to take!  

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