Balancing work and family life is a protracted and frequently challenging process, whether you work full or part time. Your work life and married life are two different dimensions that are seemingly in conflict with each other. Striving to become a good parent and a good spouse occurs naturally to most people. Yet it is difficult to strike a balance with your professional goals. Doing justice to both requires a careful assessment of ideals you are trying to establish for achieving both your married and professional life goals.  

Tips for Balancing work and family life 

It is common for couples to find it hard to nurture their family relations amidst their hectic and demanding career. Finding time for family is not an easy thing when you are working 10 to 12 hours a day. It is important to be privy to the following fine prints. That can help you achieve the balance you long for.  

Eliminate “Ifs” that Come with a Cost 

People struggle to balance work and family, and frequently one takes precedence over the other. Don’t pay heed to those frequently occurring ifs that ask you to make compromises in your personal life. Cut yourself some slack when it comes to becoming a superhuman that is successful in all spheres of life.  

Don’t question yourself about the conditions that would have brought you more success. For instance, you think “if I had worked more hours, I might have gotten promoted”. It should not make you forget that working more hours might have caused you to miss your baby’s first steps or a long-awaited anniversary dinner.  

The true content lies somewhere in between. In fact, in opportunities that may ask for little occasional sacrifices agreed by every member of the family. No one, literally no one ever needs to sign all contracts that come their way. Or accept all positions that are offered to them. The key is, what is it, you are willing to take. And how much do you value that you are paying as a cost of what you decide to take. So, make small adjustments which help you balancing work and family. 

Cut the Noise 

Cutting the noise of micro demands such as unnecessary text messages, time spent on irrelevant blogs and irrelevant social media feeds, telephonic conversations after nine o’clock and even a friendship of a demanding friend can provide you with enough time to focus on family relationships.  

Set Mutual Priorities  

Sometimes we assume what others in our family prioritize without asking and taking clear answers. So, it’s important to have a heart-to-heart discussion with each member of the family to know how much they want “family time” and what suffice their need for it. Ask them if they support your dedication to your work life or they crave to spend time with you.  Try managing the expectations of your family and make adjustments in your work life that do not require you to hit an extreme.   

Break Your Technology Routine

Although these days it can be difficult to cut yourself off from the internet and social media. Despite the fact that these are the primary means of information and communication, try taking a break from technology. A technology break entails scheduling times throughout the day when you put down your phone and spend the time with your family and friends. 

Flexibility in your workspace might help in balancing work and family 

It can be very convenient to have flexible work schedules. Working remotely from home won’t interfere with your family time. For instance, if you have a family commitment but are unable to take time off from work, you could  finish your work from home and spend the rest of the time with your family. 


It is normal to have apprehensions about unforeseeable future and financial uncertainties as you start your married life.  One may come across work-related opportunities that are tempting enough to make sacrifices in personal life that affect one’s relationship with spouse and kids. Such sacrifices are heavier in terms of consciousness and return both as they do not warrant any success. All you need in the end is the emotional support system to take you through the ups and downs of life while keeping you sane. Such emotional support is the byproduct of happy family life that you prioritize over everything.  

Setting limits for hard work and balancing work and family time pays off in the long run. People who are content and guilt-free in their personal life tend to be more accomplished on the professional front. When you establish boundaries to the time you spend at home and the time you stay at work, you become more productive and efficient.  Moreover, an Understanding and supporting life partner acts as a strong base in achieving work-life balance.  

We must establish boundaries between work and family. This entails choosing between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Boundaries draw the line between what is allowed and what is not allowed so that both your family and your job are protected. 

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