Before Vs after marriage are two different tales. Eligible people think that before marriage life is a thorny part where the freedom is not yours. They always look forward to marrying the man or woman of their dreams to make a paradise. However, married people believe that having a spouse and children has made their lives a living hell. Therefore, they believe that living as a bachelor is the best.  

The result of all this commotion is “Marriage is a sweet food, who eats will mourn it, and those who will not eat, will mourn it too.”    

Things changed between before vs after marriage because, before marriage, we were not aware of the responsibilities and efforts required to keep a happy marriage. When you’re single, you might imagine that your prince charming will whisk you away to a new, magical world. But in actuality, it takes a lot of sweat, blood, and tears to make a marriage work.  

Today’s blog is on the same topic Before Vs after marriage, how life changes”??  

Before Marriage Vs After Marriage, how life Changes?  

Marriage is a life-changing event for everyone’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re marrying a distant cousin or an unfamiliar person. Marriage will undoubtedly have a big impact on all relationships. He or she will chase you before marriage and you will chase them after marriage. 

As Helen Rowland says “Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you said; after marriage, he’ll fall asleep before you finish saying it.”   

Practically speaking, how does life change? Here are some factors that will surely change after marriage:  

1. You will manage money differently

Prior to marriage, your finances were all yours to spend and save. However, after marriage, your finances will be shared with your spouse, just like other things.  It doesn’t entail disclosing your bank account information to your spouse. But because you’re spending and saving will be entwined, it does require equal sharing of financial responsibilities and mutual support.  

As soon as You are bound in a marriage relationship, you have to think about money differently. Your money is your spouse’s money now and your debts are their debts. Your financial stability is your spouse’s financial stability, and vice versa. 

Keep lines of communication open and refrain from demanding more money when managing financial issues. Don’t do anything that would embarrass them. 

2. You will argue differently from before

Before Vs after marriage, the thing you need most of the time to adjust is making arguments. You can block someone or move on to the next person to forget the arguments you had before marriage. But once you are married, you have to remain faithful to your spouse regardless of how heated or frequent your arguments are. You will inevitably disagree; cohabiting can be challenging. The trick is to learn how to manipulate your spouse during each argument while maintaining a level-headed attitude. 

Having arguments are natural in married life but keeps it healthy by not yelling or cursing each other.  

3. You will talk about your future more

Thinking about the future can be scary sometimes and having a partner to discuss with is a blessing. Before marriage, the future of every bachelor roams around getting a soul mate and a job, probably.  

After marriage, the future would include financial issues, a house for your family, kids, their studies, and so on. Discussing these goals before marriage can scare your parents to run off as it is a lot of commitment. So, after marriage you can discuss the future without fear of judgement or that your partner will run off to the hills.  

4. You will learn to compromise

Marriage teaches compromise, especially to the brides who left their homes and parents to live with an unknown family.  

Being on the same page and agreeing on the same thing is not the thing every time. There will be times when your spouse will not be agreeing with you and he or she is not on your side in front of others, these contentious issues will teach you to compromise and you’ll understand this through marriage. Learn this by heart; Compromise is the key to a successful relationship.  

5. You’ll have more responsibilities

Marrying someone means having a living being and Family to care for, which is a huge responsibility.  

Before Vs after marriage, switch your cooking pattern, house chores pattern, and sleeping pattern to two. You’ll have to do all this; that you were doing solely for yourself or more than one person, and it’s a lot of work to do.  

After marriage, if both partners are willing to divide the work equally, they can balance the responsibilities. 

6. You’ll learn Self Control

I am not sure about all things but yes marriage will teach Self Control. Hearing the taunts of in-laws, complaints from husbands about food and clothes, and kids yelling to get your attention…yes it will teach you to control your temperament. And if you are new to these things, then bite your tongue whenever you feel that he or she is getting on your nerves; not to give a harsh reaction because, in the end, you have to live with him or her for a lifetime. So, keep patience and let it go.  

7. You’ll become more forgivable

As we have talked about above, Marriage teaches you how to compromise and how to keep arguments healthy or how to keep going for making it successful, the basis of all these things is ‘To be forgivable (which Marriage makes eventually.)’  

The studies reveal that married people tend to forgive one another with more ease as they don’t want trouble in paradise.  

8. You’ll see your spouse in different versions

Before Vs After Marriage; a version of your spouse to see. Before marriage, you had met your fiancé on best behaviour but after marriage, you’ll not only see his romantic or silly side but also when he or she will be anxious, angry, and maybe even depressed.  

Living with someone when they are unpleasant is one of the hallmarks of a strong relationship, which after marriage will teach you best.  

9. You’ll have to manage time differently

Spending time sleeping, eating, watching series, and lazing around is an ideal life. But after marriage your time will be divided between your husband’s time, your in-law’s time, my time, cooking time, and house chores time. This different time management pattern will take a toll when you will not have enough time to go on dates, cuddle, or laze around but in the end, you’ll learn deliberately.  

10. You’ll miss your carefree single life

Admit it or not, you are surely going to miss your carefree days. Married to the love of your life or someone unknown, the thought of a contemplated marriage decision will pop up for once. These thoughts will take you to the carefree days when you were single with fewer liabilities and responsibilities.  

~ The changes before Vs after marriage can be drastic or exciting but one thing you should focus on is keeping your personal life active. Don’t switch from “love birds” to “angry birds”. The changes can be adapted with time. Make your marriage successful by putting in love, trust, respect, and open communication.  

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