The institution of marriage is fundamental to every society and central to the concept of happiness, long-term commitment, and certainty.  People have this innate need for having someone for life until death.  Marriage is the best way for ensuring you have a family to stand by you through thick and thin.  Lately, delayed marriage has become a common occurrence in society. 

The discussion of delayed marriage in this article is very distinct. Let’s talk about the main causes of marriage delays as well as the advantages and disadvantages of late marriages. 

Delayed marriage has become common due to social dynamics. For instance, the changing roles that men and women are expected to play in a family. On the other hand, marriages are being put off because of women’s rising independence. Traditionally, the family’s male members were expected to be the sole breadwinners. whereas women were viewed as the emotional builders of the family. Single males faced immense pressure to settle down financially before the pursuit of marriage proposal. Whereas single females were only required to reach puberty to become eligible for marriage.   

However, the new generation has decided not to take the traditional path but rather a bumpy ride. Which ends up as a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  No matter their gender, the majority of single people today decide to marry later in life. Right after they accomplish their personal and professional goals. Both partners know what they need as individuals and tend not to look at each other to fill emotional gaps. The only thing self-sufficient partners look for in each other is fun and companionship. In their 30s, people are able to comprehend that maintaining a successful marriage requires conscious effort. By this age, they are well aware of unhealthy relationship patterns and how to avoid them.  They are able to create the life they want and need no telling at all.  

Primary causes of delayed marriage 

Nowadays, people prefer to marry later than in earlier eras when people prefer to marry early. The most common reasons for people choosing to marry later are listed below. 

1. Education 

Education is crucial for your personality as well as your sense of self-worth. Over the last six to seven decades, this situation has changed. Although people used to marry off their daughters and sons before they had the chance to receive a proper education in the past, today’s society prioritizes education over marriage. Therefore, it leads to delayed marriage. 

2. Financial independency

Girls used to be financially dependent on their husbands or in-laws in earlier generations. The usual is no longer like this. With high standards of living, both the partners work and have become financially independent. In order to advance in your career, both education and experience are important. In order to become independent and financially secure, men and women start working, postpone marriage and move to a new city. As a result, it causes delayed marriage. 

3. Unprepared to take on the responsibility

By entering into a marriage, you agree to share parental and childrearing responsibilities with your spouse. Girls and boys alike frequently lack the willingness to uproot and leave their familiar surroundings in order to get married. 

The advantages and disadvantages of delayed marriage

The ability to have children in one’s late 30s or early 40s is one of the few remaining reasons why people choose early marriage over late marriage. Marriage at a mature age has benefits and drawbacks. Another thing that often urges people to marry earlier in life is fear of depleting health and energy, and loss of zest at a later age while still having very young children.  The ongoing biological clock is a factor to take into account in late marriages. Before leaving this world, people want to deal with the innate sense of responsibility that comes with setting up their children. 


  • In comparison to couples who marry young, those who marry later in life typically have more life experience. This may lead to increased maturity, financial security, and a more realistic perspective on marriage. 
  • Couples who tie the knot later in life typically know each other better and are more familiar with each other’s likes, dislikes, and quirky habits. 
  • Compared to couples who marry young, those who marry later in life tend to be happier in their union. This might be as a result of the fact that they have had more time to build a solid foundation for their relationship. 
  • Couples with delayed marriage typically have more realistic expectations for marriage. This may increase overall relationship satisfaction. 
  • People who marry later in life frequently avoid issues that young couples might run into, such as divorce. Because they are more knowledgeable about the difficulties, traps, and issues that ruin many marriages. 
  • Couples with delayed marriage frequently have more time to devote to their relationship. This may result in a more solid connection and long-lasting relationship. 


  • Delayed marriage can be challenging. Because you may have already established your own independent life and routine. If you’ve spent a lot of time living alone, it may be daunting to adjust your routine to include a new spouse. If you marry someone who is significantly younger or older than you, there might also be a generation gap. You might not share the same objectives and interests, which can make it challenging to find points of agreement. 
  • Delayed marriage can be demanding. because you might find it challenging to make concessions or changes for your partner. Your partner might not be used to it or may have a different method of doing things than you, which could lead to issues. 
  • Growing older can create challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining the spark. It might be harder to keep things interesting as you get older because you might have less energy and endurance. 
  • Finding activities to do together that you both enjoy can be challenging. If you and your partner used to be physically active but are no longer able to engage in those activities. This might make you feel bored and resentful. 
  • As people age, they frequently become more emotionally rigid and set in our ways. This can make it difficult to connect deeply with their partner, which can cause them to feel distant and alone. 
  • The pros and cons of getting married later in life can vary. On the one hand, you might already have a successful career and be better able to support a family financially. In contrast, you might have a shorter period of time to savor your relationship before obligations like work or taking care of aging parents take precedent. 
  • Our bodies change as we get older, which can have an effect on our health and wellbeing. This may mean that some people can no longer perform the same tasks they once could or that they require more assistance with daily activities. This can be a problem, because your spouse might not be ready to take on this new duty. 

Final Thoughts

Delayed marriage has benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, couples are more likely to have successful careers and typically have a better understanding of what they want in a partner. A happier and more stable marriage may result from this. The drawback is that there might be less time for couples to enjoy their union and begin a family. 

It is difficult to say if delayed marriage is bliss or a miss as it is dependent more on finding the right person than right timings. The right time to get married is always when you find the right person even if that means waiting for your Mr. or Miss Right a little longer than preconceived perfect age for marriage.  

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