Marriage is a legal union of two souls. Which is an important step in everyone’s life and has distinct importance in different societies and countries. Every country has a unique culture that varies from land to land adding more flavors to this essential bond. The world has been evolving for millennia and there are now several types of marriage evident everywhere.

Simple rishta has back with a new blog to tell the world about the types of marriage happening around the world. Therefore, if you do happen to witness an odd marriage, try not to stress out. As it can be a typical kind of marriage in other countries.

The several types of marriages that occur globally

Following is a list of different types of marriages that are widespread now and have been since the past century:

1. Civil Marriage

Civil marriage refers to a legally recognized marriage performed by a government official or civil authority, typically without any religious affiliation. It provides legal benefits and protections to the married couple.

Civil unions often take place at a courtroom, municipal hall, or other official facilities set aside for the occasion. Typically, a judge, justice of the peace, or civil registrar officiates the event. A witness must need to sign the marriage license, and the couple may exchange vows and wedding bands.

2. Religious Marriage

Religious marriages are another name for sacramental or ceremonial marriages since they take place within the confines of a specific faith or tradition. It is a union that meets the requirements of and held by a certain group or denomination of people who identify as religious. Religious marriage ceremonies often involve rituals, prayers, and blessings that hold spiritual significance for the couple and their faith community.

3. Common-Law Marriage

Some jurisdictions accept a type of marriage known as common-law marriage. This permits a couple to get marry legally even in the absence of a ceremony and a marriage license. The pair normally has to present themselves as spouses and live together for a particular amount of time. Other names for common law marriage are informal marriage and marriage of repute or custom.

4. Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage involves the involvement of a third party. It is one of the most common types of marriages in eastern countries. In this kind of union, a person other than the candidate chooses the bride and groom. Typically, the couple’s parents or older family members choose this proposal.

Arranged marriages are very much common in all customs and traditions. There are less feelings to take into account in this form of marriage. Several families prevent couples from meeting before the wedding. Arranged marriages have been prominent in many nations. The practice remains common in many regions, notably in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caucasus.

5. Love marriage

Love marriage involves the feeling first then the marriage happens. The bride and groom have the freedom to select their spouse in a love marriage. Our society does not value this kind of marriage since it believes that providing the children the freedom to make their own decisions is not important. The parents and family know well what is good for them or not.

6. Semi Arranged marriage

Some people say that arranged marriage is best to adopt and some say love marriage is surely best. Semi-arranged marriage has built up by a community as a middle ground to deal with both types of marriages. A marriage that is not completely planned out or adored is considered semi-arranged. In this marriage, the bride and groom have the right to meet before the wedding. It means they can see each other, talk to each other, and can develop some feelings too.

7. Court Marriage

Court marriage, also known as civil marriage or registry marriage, refers to a marriage ceremony conducted and registered by a government official or a marriage registrar in a courthouse or a designated government office. It is a legal procedure that offers a simple and effective option for couples to get marry without having to follow complex rituals or observe specific religious rites.

Even though court marriages are legal, they are not advisable in Pakistan. It is one of the types of marriages that is most despised.

8. Paper Marriage

A paper marriage is a fake or sham union that occurs for untrue motives, sometimes in order to gain financial advantages or other legal advantages. Occasionally, a couple will behave in marriage even when they have no relationship in reality. It is important to note that engaging in a paper marriage is illegal and unethical.

9. Monogamous Marriage

The most typical type of marriage is one in which a person is only marry to one spouse at a time. It is common throughout many cultures and is frequently accepted by the law. Monogamy can be a physical or emotional connection, but it’s typically both. Monogamy is common in modern partnerships. However, some people struggle to maintain their monogamy even when they only want to be with one partner.

10. Polygyny Marriage

This kind of polygamous union involves a guy marrying several women. It has been a part of many societies’ traditions and remains prevalent in certain communities today.

11. Interracial Marriage

Interracial marriage involves a union between individuals of different racial or ethnic backgrounds. These marriages challenge societal norms and have become more common and accepted in many parts of the world. Thus, although inter-racial unions are increasingly becoming more prevalent, there are still difficulties.

12. Secret Marriage

A secret marriage is a type of marriage that is deliberately kept hidden or undisclosed from family, friends, or the public. It typically involves a couple choosing not to publicly announce or disclose their marital status. Secret marriages can have various reasons depending on their circumstances. Hence, don’t judge a book by its cover.

13. Mixed Marriage

A mixed marriage, also known as an interfaith marriage or an interracial marriage, refers to a union between individuals of different religious or racial backgrounds. It involves a partnership where the spouses come from diverse cultural, ethnic, or religious backgrounds.

14. Covenant Marriage

A covenant marriage is a type of marriage where the couple agrees to follow specific legal and/or religious restrictions, making it more difficult to obtain a divorce. This type of marriage is legally recognized in some jurisdictions, often to promote.

15. Parenting Marriage

As we go over many types of marriages, there is also an additional kind here that is called “Parenting marriage”, which is not very prevalent but is growing rapidly. A parenting marriage is a relatively new concept that refers to a type of marriage arrangement in which a couple decides to prioritize their commitment to co-parenting their children while no longer maintaining a romantic or intimate relationship with each other. It is primarily focused on creating a stable and supportive environment for the upbringing of their children, rather than on the traditional aspects of a romantic partnership.

Sum Up

So, to summarize or in conclusion, it is common knowledge that marriage is a complex institution with a range of forms and customs. Marriage is a diverse institution with various forms and practices. Different types of marriages include monogamous marriages, polygamous marriages, religious marriages، arranged marriages، love marriages, etc are mentioned above.

It’s important to note that the types of marriages mentioned above can vary in their legality, acceptance, and prevalence depending on the cultural, religious, and legal norms of different societies.

Well, at the ending, the following query arises when we explore various “types of marriages”:

  1. How many different types of marriages have you known about?
  2. What kind of marriage did you have?

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