Marriage transforms the life of a boy and girl, from a pampered carefree child, they evolves into a responsible husband and wife ready to take on the duties of marital life. 

What are the roles and responsibilities? 

A person’s role is the function they take on or the part they play. Whereas their responsibility is their moral duty to act morally in a given circumstance. Roles and responsibilities are always different for individuals in a society as per the moral and social living standards. 

William Shakespeare said: 

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” 

The same thing applies for a successful marriage. A few decades ago, marital life or issues were never brought up in public. However, if you want to have a healthy relationship with your partner in this day and age, it is crucial to talk about this issue. 

There are many cultural and social expectations about appropriate behavior for males and females when they get rishta and tie a knot. The goals, purposes and functions in marriage can be achieved only when each family member plays his or her particular role.  

Managing relations at the same time is not less than an art. And for a successful marital life everyone needs to learn this art and simple rishta provides a clear understanding and road map in this era.  

Rules for a successful Marital Life

You come to realize that marriage is not always going to be a fairy tale, once the honeymoon is over and marital life begins to settle in. Both partners must put a lot of effort into their marriage. Sharing your life with someone else can be extremely difficult, but it also comes with many benefits. 

Team Simple Rishta likes to share some rules based on what we know to be efficient in working with almost every couple and the evidence-based practices. 

  • Never do a husband and wife both express anger at the same time. 
  • Unless the house is on fire, never yell at each other. 
  • If you must criticize, do so in a loving manner. 
  • Never bring up the topic of past errors. 
  • Never let a disagreement linger into the night. 
  • Say a kind word to or compliment your partner at least once per day. 
  • When you have erred, own up to it and ask for forgiveness. 
  • A disagreement requires two people, and typically the person who is speaking the most is the one who is wrong. 

Learn more about our today’s topic “Expected roles and responsibilities in marital life by continuing to read this blog. 

Marital life and role expectations 

Marriage is the foundation of a family and believed to be the happiest, most important and beautiful period of life. It brings a lot of pleasure and benefits only when couple perform their certain roles and responsibilities perfectly. Otherwise, it is not less than a mess in life. It is very important to have complete knowledge and understanding about new roles and responsibilities before one’s steps in. 

Our culture and norms dictate that after a marital life starts, a husband’s main duty is to lay out a plan or give the family’s future aspirations of living in a wholesome and encouraging environment direction. And a wife should be a motivating partner who pushes her man to work hard, pursue his goals, and succeed in life.  

A British writer Gerald Brenan once said: 

“In a happy marriage it is the wife who provides the climate, the husband the landscape.” 

Marital roles are the social expectations of husbands and wives in a particular society at any given time. The roles or responsibilities and their socially designated levels of importance vary from culture-to-culture. Through the division of labor between men and women, roles enable the smooth operation of societal structure. 

In our society, couples carry out their duties in traditional gender norms, husband being a breadwinner and the wife as homemaker. Apart from what kind of personality a man has, God has placed him in the position of responsibility.  

He goes out to work while the wife remains at home, cooking, cleaning, bringing up the children and making the home a place of order, peace, and tranquility. 

 In the west couples share financial and parenting responsibilities, household chores and maintenance according to their culture and lifestyle. 

Expectations for roles and duties in marital life 

A good relationship builds when the wife and husband share responsibilities equally. Equal doesn’t mean similar. They divide tasks in different ways to each other. Although their physical and mental investments in the relationship are different, they both play an important and individual role.  

Statistics of Online Rishta service show that main reasons of divorce are marital disharmony, responsibility, and financial problems. These reasons are directly related to the respective roles of the wife and husband in a marriage. 

This relationship is an ongoing, dynamic process. It can be strengthened if the couple adhere to roles and responsibilities defined in marriage. The essence of a good relationship can only be achieved when the cultural and social expectations about appropriate behavior of males and females are managed properly. 

In this journey of togetherness, Responsibilities will tend to increase or decrease depending on the situation and phase you are in. Flexible roles bring marital happiness. The goals, purposes and functions of marriage can be achieved only when each member plays his or her particular role and responsibility. 

Wrapping up the topic 

In their respective areas of responsibility, the ideal couple plays equal roles. However, we advise you to talk with your spouse and establish your own marriage’s ground rules, roles, and responsibilities. We wish you all the best in your marital life! 


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