Nowadays, everyone is concerned with advancing their careers, and the majority of people want to get married after reaching a particular goal. They only get married after they have a certain amount of money, a house, and a car. Everyone’s life revolves around money, and it also serves as one of the foundational elements of your marriage. Moreover, it is impossible to deny the link between money and marriage. Today’s Blog topic is going to be more enjoyable than previous ones because the topic is “How are money and marriage related today?”

As we know that “Does money can buy happiness?” is the most asked question on all social media platforms and relationships. Stay with the Simple Rishta team to the end and know the answer to the most daring question Additionally, what is the relationship between money and marriage?

Money is important next to water and oxygen 

The importance of money in the present crisis is not hidden from anyone. In our opinion, the most required thing after water and oxygen should be money. Today everyone is focused on their career and most people want to earn more money, including our youth. Have you ever wondered why they are running behind in money?

Because the miracles money can do can’t be defined in words. If you want to persist in society then the money is the thing that will vastly help your way in every field including education and health. Money is important for your survival. And if you think love is the biggest problem in the world rather than money, then you should experiment with living one day without money. You’ll know the answer if love feeds you or money. Don’t find us rude but one of the foundations of a happy marriage is the relationship between money and marriage.

Money means Respect 

There was a quote saying “Respect can’t be given, it earns.”

Forget the word Respect and focus on earning. After earning a lot of money, then see here and there if anyone dares to disrespect you. We are living in a society where a person with millions has more Respect than a person who earns in rupees daily. Moreover, the behavior of society including your family and caste entirely depends on your money. If you are a rich person then there is no one more righteous than you.

Here Money judges if you can be a doctor or not. Money judges if they are speaking the truth or not. It is the money that determines whether you should stand in line to get a ticket or not.

Money represents you. All hail to the money! And believe us all hail to the money, not you. Another link between money and marriage is the fact that being wealthy can help you in your marriage by earning respect.

Money means Happiness 

‘Can money buy happiness?’ is the question that everyone loves to ask.  But our question is ‘ Can happiness be bought without money?’.

What is happiness? If you ask this question to a toddler he would say ‘ buying a new toy.’

The answer to the same question from a studying student will be ‘Getting admission in my favourite university or studying abroad. The answer to this question from a lovesick couple will be ‘Going on dates and world tour.’

Every person has a different explanation for the word happiness. But when you’ll see deep into it then you’ll get the truth that all these little dreams are related to a single word ‘Money.’

The relationship between money and marriage is crucial because, for a newlywed couple, going out for dining, shopping, and other activities is another name for happiness.

A wealthy person can make his children happy by purchasing them toys. Someone with money can travel to study abroad. A wealthy spouse can be taken anywhere to make their spouse happy. Happiness is money. If you lack money, it will take a miracle for you to be content.

Money and marriage 

Now we are moving to our exact topic. The first step for every marriage is getting a spouse (groom) with a good income and a house with a car. I am sure a person who has no money can buy all these. So, the importance of money has been seen in the first step too. But let’s elaborate more. After fixing the marriage, the next comes the ‘wedding organization’.

The recipe for perfect marriage conduct depends on the bride and groom’s bank account. If you don’t have a stable job to support yourself and your spouse, then what will be your future?

Without money, how’ll you buy clothes to cover yourselves? How’ll you fill your tummies? How would you refuel your car? If you don’t have any money, how are you going to support your family?

So, dreaming of a married life without money is like dreaming of building forts in the air.

Is money a key to Happy Marriage? 

The answer to this simple question is Yes and No.

It is the universal truth that Human beings love things they don’t have. It is its natural aptitude to chase a thing which he deprived off.

The answer to the question from those who don’t have money and who know how difficult it is for them to survive in a society without money will be Yes.

The main source of conflict between married couples is money. It is the secondary leading factor in the rising divorce rate.

No matter how much you love your spouse or how much they are crazy about you, in one turn they are going to ask for money. And if you said no, then the bumpy ride of your marriage is coming.

Somehow, you manage to provide shelter for your family, but food is still a necessity. How will you buy food if you have no money? How will your home be peaceful then?

Remember one thing, after marriage, the most important thing that matters to your wife is her kids. So, if you are thinking about kids, just check your job first. And please don’t give birth if you don’t have the resources to give. Thus, the connection between money and marriage is crucial.

Some people say No money is not important for marriage but love is. They could be two types of people who will answer this. One, who has more money than they require. And as I said before, man always wants things that he doesn’t have. So, these people give priority to love or compatibility rather than money because they have it in addition to water and oxygen.

“It’s easy to say you don’t care about money when you have plenty of it.”

Ransom Riggs

Second, those who will answer are the same type of people (rich) but they will be motivational speakers too. There will be individuals wearing branded shirts and pants. But will insist you to be content wearing just one shawl. Don’t focus on them. They are good people just for listening, not for acting.


Poverty is rising in our country. Our country is going backward because they began to value money not skills. Have you ever wondered why the children of a poor man can’t be on high posts? Or why the children of low-salary men can’t fit in high-class universities?

Rest, we will leave it to you to decide and let us know if money and marriage are related.

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