Marriages are known to be decided in heaven but are increasingly being arranged on the internet through online marriage bureaus and matrimony websites. In the new modernized and high-tech era, where the internet has permeated almost every aspect of our lives, online quick rishta services are crammed with loads of profiles of potential brides and grooms looking for their dream life partner.  The reason for growing reliance on online rishta a service is its reach beyond geographical limitations, privacy, and convenience achieved through the effective use of modern digital means.

Traditionally, marriages have been decided through contacts via friends and family, marriage brokers or matchmaking aunties, marriage bureaus, and zaroorat rishta ads that generally appear in the classified section of newspaper advertisements. Unlike traditional matchmaking methods, a matrimonial website is a medium that puts you in control of choosing your life partner at your preferred pace.  However, benefits offered by each of both methods vary in many ways and one needs to be familiar with all the methods and approaches before making such an important decision in life.

  1. Availability of Options

Traditional matchmakers rely on a limited pool of eligible suitors on their list whereas online matrimonial websites have a huge number of profiles distilled to be paired with a compatible suitor. The staff of online marriage bureaus is trained to spot online profiles that speak for themselves.

  1.   Authenticity

Traditional matchmakers need to put in a lot of effort to find an appropriate match from their circle as they have limited options. Most of the information they collect about potential suitors is through hearsay or unverified information provided by the suitor or their families. Online marriage bureaus do not put their authenticity at stake by keeping unverified profiles. They use various different approaches to verify the information and conduct background checks.

  1.   Freedom

Traditional matchmakers often use manipulative coercing to make matches as they have their own preferences and agendas. Matrimonial websites on the other hand offer much more independence and freedom to interact with potential life partners before reaching a final decision. This opportunity to interact allows enough time and space to evaluate whether someone is genuine and if their likes and dislikes are coherent with one’s own likes and dislikes.

  1.   Low Chances of Mistakes

Online matrimonial websites use algorithms for matching profiles which are highly accurate in matching profiles and do matchmaking much better than traditional brokers. It is, therefore, highly unlikely for Online marriage bureaus that are making effective use of technology to make a mistake while matching profiles.


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