Marriage is not only a union of two persons but of two families. Blood relationships are bound together by genetic lines, but relationship with your in-laws is based on the agreement that is formed between you and your husband.  

When it comes to building a good and healthy bond with your husband it is vital that you also invest in your relationship with his parents. To make this relationship healthy and strong, both couple and in-laws need to work on maintaining their mutual understanding as well as respecting each other. 

Husband and wife both need some time to adjust with their families. The girl in particular has to compromise on many things. If the in-laws are cooperative, it is not difficult to adjust. At the same time, the girl’s attitude must be friendly, respectful and loving with the in-laws. 

 Girls are under more pressure in this regard because most of their time is spent with family. Even if the daughter-in-law is employed, she has more responsibilities. She has to maintain a balance between work and home, has to fulfill her responsibilities well and taking care of households.  

Suggestions for creating a positive relationship with your in-laws 

We constantly think of major topics. share knowledge, marital advice, and guidelines with our audience. Consequently, if you’re looking for strategies to improve your relationship with your in-laws, you’re reading the right article. Here are a few tips to develop healthy relationship with your In-Laws. 

1. Respect 

You shouldn’t be rude or over act under any circumstances. Respect is the most important components of this relationship. Never criticize or talk negatively about them, instead say or think positive and kind things about them, even when they are not around. If you have made any mistake, admit it and humbly ask for forgiveness. Even in happy families, conflict between members could arise. It is normal. What matters is the way you, deal with these conflicts. There should always be respect in constant talks and communication. 

2. Shared interests 

To maintain a good relationship with your in-laws, try to concentrate on common interests. Focus on shared interests because it is a great spot to begin. Put some effort to know them. Ask questions, it is a simple and easy way to build a connection. Spending time together makes everyone know and trust each other. 

3. Set boundaries

Setting appropriate boundaries is an important part of having a healthy relationship. It might not feel easy at first, but you have to go through it. Assure them that you trust them and they can trust you. 

4. Stay in touch

 If you are not staying with them under the one roof, find time to call, text or meet them once in a while. Make time for coffee, lunch or dinner with them at least once in a week. Keep a track of their birthdays, anniversaries and remarkable events of life. 

5. Ask for advice

Ask their opinion every so often in order to keep a positive relationship with your in-laws. Consult them regarding your marital, financial, and emotional issues. This will show that you respect and value their opinion. It is good to solve problems within the family instead of looking for a marriage counselor. When they give advice listen respectfully even if you don’t agree with them just listen because they have much more life experience. 

6. Have patience

It may take a lot of patience and effective planning to build a connection with your in-laws. Never ever be de-motivated if any of them insult or ignore you or your efforts. Be kind, gentle and understanding. Do not look for faults in them always, look out for positives. They will take some time to accept you being a part of their family. 


Improving relationships is a joint effort of the couples and their in-laws and it takes time to build. It is very important to communicate rather than to make assumptions on any issue. Try not to compare your in-laws to your own family or others. Keep your expectations limited. Learn from their experiences. No matter what their imperfections are, always focus on their positive qualities. Healthy family relationships make a society strong.  When they are happy, they function better and contribute more to society. It’s the duty of couple as well as elders to build healthy relationships with the respective members of their families, by being compassionate, thoughtful, and supportive. 

Now that our article has been summarized. We have a few questions. 

  1. How can you get along well with your in-laws? 
  2. Is a good relationship with your in-laws necessary? 
  3. What can be done to strengthen relationship with your In-Laws? 

Please share your answers and suggestions in the comments section. 

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