In recent years, the trend of choosing your life partner through matrimony websites has taken a pace.  Individuals looking for their dream life partners are constantly checking on matrimonial websites to search for their desired soulmate. However, the success in finding your desired bride or groom is dependent largely on creating an impeccable matrimony profile.

As most matrimony websites are easy to use, they can be used by both youth and their elders finding rishta on their behalf. A carefully built and attractive matrimony profile allows you access to prospective life partners while also involving your family and elders in the process. Features like the privacy option make it convenient for people to put up their profiles comfortably without having to worry about confidentiality. Most matrimony websites ensure that profiles can be accessed fully only by the parties who are genuinely interested and serious about upholding the sanctity of marriage.

A perfect matchmaking profile contains all the details that other parties might need to consider your Rishta. It should include the requirement and specify what one is looking for in the prospective life partner. Following are some tips for creating an impressive and click-worthy matrimony profile.

 Post a Decent Profile Picture

Your profile picture is your first impression for your prospective bride/groom or their family.  Having more than one picture allows the prospective partner to have a detailed look at you without having to solicit more photos. Your profile picture has to be decent, which means it should not be a casual click but rather a photo in a proper posture with a background that speaks something about you. For example, having a pose from your office depicts you are being honest about your profession and you value your work.  Avoid using filters as they might build unrealistic expectations about your physical appearance consequently wasting the time of both parties as they come in touch with reality.

Build Your Credibility with Your Personal Details

The personal details that you punch in your matrimonial profile must be complete and true to the core. Deceiving information does not go a long way as it might get you clicks but does not get you a perfect match. Including complete details about your education, profession, caste, family background, interest and hobbies and preferences save you from irrelevant people wasting your time. Including links to your social media profile also adds to your credibility and gives an impression that you are not trying to hide anything and there’s nothing sinister about you.

Inform Adequately

Giving too much or too little information creates confusion and amounts to distraction. For example, if you are looking for Rishta PK (i.e. Rishta in Pakistan), do not include all the cultural aspects while giving information about your cast and family background. Conversely, being specific in your preferences like mentioning “Rishta in Karachi, Rishta in Lahore, or Rishta in Islamabad” will prevent undesired traffic on your account. Giving adequate information will also provide you with room for flexibility if you happen to change your mind about your preferences. It is also important to stay realistic while mentioning partner preferences as unreasonable demands can work as absolute turn-offs for other parties.


Getting your matrimonial profile reviewed by someone will help you have another perspective or second opinion on how it projects your impression. Another option is to scroll through top profiles and make them your benchmark without compromising your own creativity and honesty. At last, always seek improvement but don’t’ lose your heart in case of delayed responses. Consistency is the key.

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