Consent marks the foundation of love and is absolutely essential for any marriage. Forced marriages are illegal and unethical according to our society and religious beliefs and practice we must dispose of. Consent of girls for marriage is vital and it can’t be denied. It’s not just a matter of tradition or law Respect, dignity, and the right of more girls to select their partner are at stake. It’s a decision that no one else can barter.  

Marriage is a sacred and significant union. We would take our time making this choice. It is a relationship that will last and is not something you would try to move against your will. Marriage is the basis of a new family and society. And it’s a stupid idea to assume that a girl is a submissive creature because she depends on her father or brother and that her consent to marriage is not necessary. 

Girls are not submissive; they are just easy to manipulate because they think from their heart not mind. She is a mother, sister, and daughter, leading the most difficult lives. The girl is unable to openly express her desires and is unable to wear the clothes of her choice out of fear that his brother will kill her in the name of honor. She chooses not to work for herself because she is afraid of hurting his father’s pride.  

She has to behave like a good daughter to the point where she marries someone against her will merely to satisfy her father’s demands. And what she got in return? Horrible names of cruel daughter-in-law, manipulator wife, unethical mother and shameless sister. This is the true face of our “Impeccable society”.  

The subject of today’s blog post is the importance of consent of girls for marriage. Read this to the end and create awareness among girls to come out of their shells and deny the title of “submissive”.  Woke up and recognize the position, you hold in this society.  

Importance of Consent of Girls for Marriage 

What is the meaning of consent in a marriage? 

At first, let’s talk about this topic: What does consent mean in a marriage? Consent in a marriage refers to the voluntary permission and agreement between both candidates to tie a marriage knot. It means that bride and groom freely and willingly give approval to enter into marital relationship without being coercion and forced by anyone.  

Secondly, the point to ponder is: Who initiated this motto that consent of girls for marriage is not important when it clearly states that bride and groom should be willing for a marriage?  

It is crucial that girls give their consent before getting marriage. It is a fundamental human right that every individual should have the freedom to make decisions about their lives, including whom they choose to marry. When both partners give their consent to the marriage, it ensures that they are entering into the union willingly and with full awareness of the implications and responsibilities that come with it.  

Moreover, it helps to establish a healthy and respectful relationship between partners. It also sets the foundation of a strong and equality-based relationship where both individuals have equal say and decision-making power.  

Therefore, it is important to value their consent and not use it for show. Forced marriages are a violation of their rights and it can affect their whole life like a never-ending plight. 

What are the consequences of not asking girls consent for marriage?  

Marriage should be a choice and not a compulsion. It’s a commitment that should be based on mutual attraction and not something to please someone else’s will. Girls should have the freedom to choose, it is their right to fulfill. Giving girls the freedom to choose or make decisions about their future is equally important. When girls are married off without their consent, they may be forced to enter into a marriage that they do not want or are not ready for. This can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness and resentment, as well as limited opportunities for education, career, and personal development. 

Forced marriage can cause significant emotional trauma, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Girls may feel isolated, helpless, and powerless in their new lives, leading to a lack of self-esteem and a sense of hopelessness. 

 In some cases, when consent of girls for marriage are not asked can lead to physical harm, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, and reproductive health problems. Girls may be at higher risk of pregnancy complications, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and other health issues. So don’t push your daughter or sister if you love them. 

Why Girls Consent for marriage should be essential?  

Firstly, a girls’ consent is absolutely essential in marriage as it upholds their basic human rights. Forcing a girl into marriage violates her fundamental rights to life, liberty, equality and dignity. Consent is necessary to respect her rights. Moreover, it prevents abuse and violence. 

Secondly, not asking consent of girl for marriage can lead to forced marriages that facilitate abuse as girls are powerless to leave unhealthy relationships. Consent helps build relationships based on mutual trust, respect and love – not domination.  

Thirdly and Most important point, it empowers girls. By exercising their consent for marriage, girls can make important life decisions for themselves. This helps build their confidence and decision making skills which empowers them.  And when girls are empowered through consent and equal rights, the whole society get benefited by it. Because educated and engaged women fuel social as well as economic development. Whereas forced marriages undermine such progress. 

Ending Words

Thus, all we can conclude is that girls have the right to decide for themselves. A girl has autonomy over her own life, body and destiny. Her consent cannot be overridden by others including family members. She deserves to chart her own course. Her interests should be prioritized. Her dreams and goals should be valued and her consent should be asked for marriage.  

Let’s respect the consent of girls for marriage and break the harmful traditions of an old age. Let’s give them the liberty to make their own decision and let love be the foundation of their union. Give her justice, dignity, safety, progress and prosperity – at personal and societal levels.  

Let the world develop, let the girl live.Bottom of Form 


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