Jewelry is vital for a bride to complete trendy look. It can serve as a symbol of the couple’s union as well as enhancing the beauty of the bride and groom. 

Diane Von Furstenberg a Belgian fashion designer said: 

Jewelry is like the perfect spice. It always compliments what’s already there.” 

Significance of jewelry for the bride

In all events, especially weddings, ornaments have their own significance. A bridal dress is not considered complete until a piece of jewelry is added on it. A good choice of jewel illuminates and emphasizes the look and confers her the power to feel confident, unique and elegance. 

On the one hand these ornaments help to enhance a bride’s beauty. While on the other hand it symbolizes status and the financial standing of a family. Some brides use jewels to look beautiful, others use it as part of their tradition, culture and a quick support in case of any misfortune. It is a form of art, creative expression and a financial security. 

In some cultures, Clothes and ornaments are given to the bride by In-laws as a gift or token of love at the wedding. Bride’s family also gives her jewelry as a dowry and some close friends and relatives also present jewelry to the bride as a marriage gift on the ceremony for long lasting of relationship and friendship. 

 Whether it’s arranged marriage or love, court marriage or an online Rishta, it is a woman’s right to adorn herself for her husband, jewelry is an essential part of a bridal outfit. There is a famous quote by well-known brand “Coco Chanel”: 

“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” 

How and when jewelry first became popular? 

 The concept of jewelry was introduced by Greeks in 1500-1600 BC. But over time, it became popular all over the world. Brides from every era loved jewelry of different kinds, designs and metals. 

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were the ones who first used rings to symbolize eternity. This is so because a circle has no start or finish and mimics the shape of the sun and moon, which were sacred to the Egyptians. Following Alexander, the Great’s conquest of Egypt, the Greeks adopted the custom of giving rings to their partners as a sign of devotion. The Romans adopted this custom after conquering Greece and started using iron and copper rings during wedding ceremonies. 

Wedding jewelry trends

Brides use different type of jewels to look better but some commonly used pieces by eastern brides includes ornaments for forehead (tika, jhomar), nose rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets، rings and anklet. These pieces of Jewels are worth the investment. 

Some brides believe that trends come and go, they prefer to purchase such ornaments that have lasting value because there are some pieces of wedding jewelry that aren’t worn in daily life. They keep that jewels to pass it down to their daughters in future. 

When choosing the metal of the jewelry a bride has many options like silver, gold, platinum, diamond, pearls and gemstones. There are variations that include a mixture of metals such as gold and platinum, or silver or platinum, yellow gold or white gold, silver and gold studded with stones and gems. 

Almost all brides like gold ornaments but nowadays brides prefer artificial jewelry with pearls and studs. It looks like real jewels and the price is affordable to everyone with a variety of colors and designs that are decided according to bridal dress. 

Over the years, traditions have changed but love for ornaments remains constant. 

Eastern wedding jewelry

In Pakistan, at weddings, brides wear different ornaments on all three days. At the event of Mayun and Mehndi she wears floral jewelry. It highlights her attire in an enchanting way. But it is about to change now. Some designers are replacing flowers by shells because it looks unique and beautiful and don’t wither like fresh flowers. 

When a girl gets rishta she starts thinking about her wedding preparation. After choosing a bridal dress she matches accessories with it. Jewels are the first thing noticed after a bride’s dress. It’s not every day that a girl wears a wedding dress, so it’s very important to make decisions based on personal choice and style. She must not feel pressured even to shop for a small thing.  

Choosing wedding adornment; some helpful advice 

When choosing the wedding adornments and accessories, remember the style of bridal dress. Hair style, neck cut must compliment what you are wearing. Match a necklace to your neckline. If a bride is going to wear a V- neck, pendants style necklaces will go better with it. If she is wearing a round neck, chokers and statement necklace will be a good choice.  

Also don’t mix up accessories. If you are wearing a gold necklace, try to have all the jewels of the same metal. some metal tones and colors doesn’t look good when wear together, but again, it’s your choice. Listen to your heart and trust your eye to tell you what works and believe on it. 

If you visit jewel shops you will notice that it’s not only gold but a variety of pearls, stones and kundan used in ornaments with the combination of antique and modern designs. 

Jewelry is a secondary supplementary to bride’s attire which completes her look. No bride is complete without it. It is the most important part of a wedding. Particular use of jewels on wedding day has also been a tradition, both dress and accessories need to complement each other. But it should never overpower your dress. Choose accessories that are stylish but comfortable. Take time to choose and purchase bridal ornaments wisely. 

Although there are many other accessories, jewels have a special place. Please share in the comments what your favorite jewelry item is. 

End note 

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