The present generation is not rushing into marriage. In the last few decades, the age of marriage is increasing in every region of the world. In the past, the marriage age was 20 years for females and 26 years for males. But today, the minimum age is 28 and the maximum is 32. The reason for the late marriage varies from place to place. People are living together already in western nations, so they are delaying marriage. They therefore do not consider applying for a marriage label. 

Some people are content with their late marriage because they believe it will increase their responsibilities. Additionally, they aspire to live by the epicurean motto “eat, sleep, and be merry.” 

Every person has their reasons for late marriage, but the most common reasons for late marriage could be:  

1. Wait for Financial Stability

The current generation is delaying marriage because they wanted to be financially secure before making a commitment. 

Every young person’s dream is to have their own home, car, business, healthy back, etc. However, these modern conveniences cost time, effort, and even blood. 

If you work hard and stay employed for a while, you may be able to achieve financial stability at age 28 or 30. The figure can move up too if you wasted your initial years doing fun. This is the reason why our youth decides to marry late because they wanted to set a career first. 

2. No Interest in Marrying

It’s a natural thing, if you are getting something already then why should you put effort into attaining it…Right? 

The relationship thing is in trend where the boy and girl are living together without any legal title. This is a common occurrence in western nations where dating is commonplace. They can live together without marriage. As a result, they are not interested in permanent relationship because it would not be exciting for them. They choose to go with the flow. This lack of interest can be the other reason for no or late marriage 

3. Fear of Commitment

Commitment is just like agreeing to a long-term job, where you have to put all your efforts into doing well and there is no way of dropping out until the time of agreeing to ends.  

“Commitment in a marriage means doing whatever it takes to make this relationship successful.” 

Some people might find this scary. People believed that commitment was similar to being incarcerated and powerless. And you simply have to feel obligated to cater to your spouse’s every need. Following these thoughts, they decided to wait until they become good enough to commit anything which results in the late marriage of a candidate.  

3. Women Empowerment

Women empowerment means accepting the women’s point of view, raising their status through education, awareness, and training, and giving them equal rights.  

The opposite gender is always in a fight for dominance. Men wanted to have a housewife and wanted to control her while women wanted to be independent and dominant. These differences in thoughts of Empowerment are the reason for the delayed marriage as the man is looking for a submissive woman and the woman is looking for a financially and socially freer life where she can prioritize other parts of life than marrying, making a house, and caring about kids.  

4. Family Structure (Elder kids will marry first)

There are still typical families sticking to the thought of marrying their older children first.  

Elder daughters or sons is being stubborn to achieve their dreams, then the parents should move on to younger kids who are waiting for their turn, let them marry first, and clear themselves from the responsibility of marrying kids. Dealing with the marriage of kids just because the elder son is not married yet will cause a lot of problems in their after-marriage life.  

Moving on from the reasons for late marriage, the next is the disadvantages and advantages of marriage.  

Late marriage – Advantages and Disadvantages

Late marriages have both benefits and drawbacks. Let’s attempt to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of late marriages. 

Advantages of Late marriage  

1. Time for Self-growth

Marriage life brought a lot of responsibilities starting from spouses to in-laws. With these increasing responsibilities, some people cannot focus on their personal growth and their thoughts about their life ended with kids and a new family.  

While a delayed marriage can give a man or woman a chance to focus on their personalities and development in their career.  

So, self-growth is one of the coolest advantages of late marriage.  

2. Good mental health and maturity

A delayed marriage can give a person enough time to think about the situations and solutions to tackle them. A marriage at a young age has more mistaken expectations.  

A man and a man marrying at an early age will not be good enough to understand the relationship problems. Man will not be mature enough to handle his wife and the wife will not be adequate to handle situations.  

So, late marriage will make a person more adult and mature and their mental health will be good enough with increasing tolerance, knowledge, willingness, and tranquility under pressure, which are key ingredients of a happy marriage.  

3. Higher education and career opportunities

A delayed marriage can give a person to complete their education and to focus on building their career. Delaying marriage for education and career opportunities can give you enough time to be financially stable and independent, which is the need of every person at present.  

Other than increasing age, paling beauty, and wrinkled skin, the disadvantages of late marriage are as under:  

Disadvantages of Late marriage

1. The decline in birth Rate

The purpose of marriage is to build up a society by increasing the population. The basis of marriage lies in the birth of a child and late marriage can affect the fundamentals of marriage as women’s fertility decreases with increasing age.  

Today women are working for themselves which is good but they should keep in mind that delayed marriage eventually results in a declining birth rate as couples are unable to conceive.  

That’s why in the present time, women around the world have fewer babies as compared to the old generation.  

2. Difficulty with pregnancy and abnormal children

The food we are consuming is a mixture of natural and artificial things which began to show its result after the age of thirty with high blood pressure, decrease in blood level, and joint pain.  

A mother bearing a child in her late thirties might have some risks during her pregnancies, including miscarriage, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, birth defects, and difficult labour.  

If the pregnancy succeeded and a child came into this world, the chances of having abnormalities are high. The child might have an abnormal chromosome resulting in Down syndrome and neural tube defects.  

3. Generation Gap between children and parents

The generation Gap is common between children and parents when the marriage is delayed. But this gap can separate kids and children as their thoughts, personalities, and mentality will not match on certain things.  

The generation Gap can provoke a lack of agreement and understanding in their beliefs, cultures, and speaking. Moreover, older partners cannot give more time to their child or the interaction between two generations is not enough to develop a friendly parents-children relationship.  

What age is considered late for marriage?  

Marrying after the age of 27 (for women) and 30(for men) is considered a late marriage age.  

In the past, the age for getting married was 20 for girls and 24 for boys but now six years are added because of certain reasons mentioned above.  

Everyone should accomplish all their goals and dreams before the age of 27 because the later years are for building the family, not their career.  

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