Forget superheroes versus supervillains, the real clash of the titans is here: love marriages vs arranged marriages! Whether you’re a die-hard romantic who believes in love at first sight, or a realist who sees matrimonial success in pre-approved biodatas, this blog is your front-row ticket to the ultimate matrimonial showdown. So, whether you prefer popcorn or chai, depending on your cultural inclinations, sit back and prepare for an endless debate.

Marriage is a social and legal contract between a man and a woman that leads to a connection of a whole life. When we talk about marriage the words love or arrange marriage ring in our ears. As families consider proposals, the term love marriages Vs arranged marriages became the debate of every house. Before digging deep into the comparison of love marriages Vs arranged marriages, it is important to know these terms beforehand and what those terms mean.

Arranged marriage

An arranged marriage is one where the couple, rather than the parents or guardians of the son or daughter, chooses the partner. It is the involvement of a third party in fixing a marriage. Most of these marriages take place in religiously based communities. Where arranged marriages are traditional. As parents thought that they had the right to choose a mate for their heirs.

Many individuals believe that arranged marriages don’t require the bride or groom’s consent. But it is not completely true.

The consent of the man and woman who are going to marry is important in both types of marriages.

You could say that an arranged marriage is one in which the bride and groom exchange vows prior to falling in love.

Love marriage

The concept of love is not Greek to humans. Love marriage refers to the opportunity to wed someone you fall in love with.

Getting the consent of parents can be best. However, in this society, our parents reject the notion as soon as they learn that their child or daughter chose the spouse. This is the reason love marriage in our society is considered equal to sin. There is no law against love marriage in our country. However, it is something that is despised.

The concept of love marriage is very much trendy in western countries. There the groom and bride are given the right to choose their better half. It is a good way to tell kids that they are responsible for their relationship so better not create any mess.

As we know the meaning of the terms love marriage and arranged marriage, let’s move on to the questions which everyone wanted to know about;

“Why should you get a love marriage?”

“Are arranged marriages really successful?”

“What is the difference between Love marriage and arranged marriage?”

“Which is more successful among both?

Simple Rishta is going to answer your questions today, we hope to clear your queries.

General Difference between; Love marriages Vs Arranged marriages

Arranged marriages

  • In an arranged marriage, the parents’ consent is more important.
  • Parents are responsible for checking the background, education, finance, and character of the bride or groom
  • Love has to be developed in Arranged marriage after wedding bells.
  • Arranged marriages need time to come on track, as the men and women may not be able to understand each other in the beginning.
  • Men appear to be more dominant in arranged marriages. Because initial feelings are not expressed.
  • Arranged marriages are more stable. As the divorce rate is seen Less in arranged marriages.
  • Arranged marriages are appreciated and accepted by society.

Love marriages

  • Parents’ consent is not important in a love marriage (but still we will recommend involving parents too).
  • Love marriages are free of background, education, and financial investigation as love runs in the blood.
  • The love involved before wedlock.
  • The marriage wheel is already on track as the feelings and understanding developed beforehand.
  • Love marriages occur based on equality so no one is dominant in this relationship. They need each other for making and implying decisions.
  • Even today, love marriages are still frowned upon in some societies.
  • Love marriage means a lot of expectations from your better half, so it leads to serious conflicts.

Which type of marriage is good to adopt: Love marriage Vs Arranged marriage?

Every person has thoughts and dreams about marriage. Some wanted a charming prince and some wanted to nod their head at their parents’ demand. Some said it’s good to make decisions by themselves and some said that parents always do the best for their kids. But in the end, you matter the most.

Marriage is a one-time thing (usually) so everyone has the right to make decisions for himself or themselves but we are not implying to be rebellious against your parents or being the one to repent for your parents’ deeds. Negotiation is always the way.

If you think you choose a person for yourself and you want him or her as your spouse then let your parents know. Let them investigate and if they are not in favour of this then ask for the reasons and if the reasons are useless then take the next step by yourself.

Same way, if you are not seeing someone behind your parents’ back then give them the right to choose. Remember parents always want the best for their children.

Which type of marriage is most successful: Love marriages Vs Arranged marriages?

Arranged marriages are more successful. Because it’s preferable if your parents find someone for you. since they are aware of your preferences and will make the best decision for you. The divorce rate in these marriages is also less. The involvement of parents in a marriage is good to some extent as you have someone to rely on and to get guidance. Moreover, arranged marriages form a great bond between both families. So, the couple themselves know not to make any unnecessary fuss. In simple words, arranged marriage indirectly teaches the man and woman to compromise and negotiate.

Love marriage according to researchers brings a lot of disputes as no one is there to guide the newlywed couple. Both were in love before. But the change of relationship took a toll on them and they don’t have a solution to it. Divorce rates are higher in love marriages. As both are dominant in a relationship and no one learns to compromise.

Wrapping Up

The debate over love marriages and arranged marriages has persisted over the years. Everyone wants to know which of the two possibilities is superior and more successful. According to a psychologist, “love in love marriages fades away with time, whereas love in arranged marriages grows with time.” Although the discussion of love marriages and arranged marriages has lasted for decades. However, coming to a decision is challenging. Both kinds of marriages have advantages and disadvantages. I want to end this discussion on love marriage and arranged marriage by emphasizing that, regardless of the decision, the couple and their families need to live in love, trust, and understanding for the marriage to succeed. The topic of “love marriage vs. arrange marriage” is now sufficiently debatable. We want to ask your opinion at this point.  Leave a comment below to tell us about your selected option.