Marriage is not only a religious responsibility or only a relationship between two individuals but a connection between two families. Marriage is really a divine choice. However, it occurs on Earth when two people tie a strong and lovely knot that will last a lifetime. In the past, people shied away from using the services of matrimonial websites or the Marriage Bureau. But in today’s society, it is also a requirement.

Most people in Pakistan reside in joint families with three to four generations. They actively participate in activities together. These activities also include making plans for marriage. Since parents and elders typically arrange marriages in Pakistan. They actively participate in and observe the wedding ceremony. So, from the time the couple starts looking for a spouse until the wedding and even after as they adjust to their new lives, the couple’s extended family and friends are involved in every stage of the marriage process.

Beside Pakistan, some other cultures such as; India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka also practice arranged marriages. Same like our society, they also use different sources like, family or friends and matchmakers to find suitable and perfect match.

Though, finding a suitable match from matrimonial websites is not common in our country. However, nowadays where world has become a global village, finding a perfect match through internet or online marriage websites is becoming popular.

Credibility of matrimonial websites

Many matrimony websites are working and helping people in this regard. The main reason to accept and coming slowly towards this is credibility of these websites or organizations. But it’s true that authenticity and other benefits like data verification are also provided by these websites. People don’t trust easily.

Fear of fraud is also there but these websites take care of the security issues and fake profiles. The main benefit is that without any physical effort through phone call and online process one can get perfect match for him/herself.

Proposals of different castes and sect

The Pakistani family structure has changed, with fewer joint families and more nuclear families as a result of urbanization and outside cultural influences. There are fewer opportunities for the extended family to participate in the matchmaking as families interact less frequently.  As a result, matrimonial websites expand the pool of potential spouses beyond the family’s immediate social circle.

These Matrimony sites have a range of profiles based on different castes and religious sects. Finding a match, verification of data, arranging a meeting and further process have been done on these websites. It’s a step forward in our culture and getting popular.

Hassle free marriage service

These matrimonial or Rishta online websites are an easy solution and more and more people will get benefit from these in future. Contacting with matrimonial websites, registration, adding details everything is very simple and easy. One just need to call and share his/her details.

Their staff is always present to help users on each and every step. Mostly matrimony sites have Search Filters. Where a user can search match based on age, education, caste, country, city, profession, or other preferences.

Matrimonial websites promote equality and safety

Pakistani matrimonial websites uphold arranged marriages’ traditional cultural values rather than compromising them. Therefore, the social and technical supports for promoting safety on these matrimonial websites have been carefully considered and may be applicable in other situations.

In addition, matrimonial websites not only assist singles or individuals but also widowers, divorcees. They also serve people whose marriages have been declared void by the courts. When creating a profile, the potential spouse chooses the marital situations that are acceptable to them.

Some websites, like Simple Rishta, do not permit a change in the marital status once the marriage seeker creates the profile in order to preserve the accuracy of the data.

Additionally, for shy or disabled people, matrimonial websites provide a socially and psychologically secure environment.

Authenticity of profiles and match making sites

 It is said that “Online world is not a safe place and the internet is not necessarily a superhighway to love.”

Dating websites are the most direct comparison to matrimonial websites. People can connect online through dating services without any suggestion that marriage would be of interest. While matrimonial websites let the person looking for a spouse—as well as their friends and family—create and contribute to a detailed online profile that contains plenty of details about the potential partner. The profiles display the relationship between the profile creator and the potential spouse.

These companies or websites are legitimate, with verified profiles only. The form provided by these matchmaking websites is filled out down to the last and smallest detail. So, there is very less chance of cheating.

There is no doubt that these Matchmaking or Matrimonial websites are playing a vital role and helping people in finding their life partners. Their experienced professionals assist people in finding their soulmate so that they can live satisfactory and happy married life.


However, it’s crucial to remember that a matrimonial website’s procedures and selections can vary depending on the locality, culture, and religion of the user. For instance, a marriage bureau might prioritize smoothing family conversations and matching introductions over compatibility and personal preferences.

Additionally, they use technology and online tools to match people while relying more on traditional techniques like face-to-face meetings and introductions. Regardless of the specific approach, their job is to help people build and sustain satisfying, lasting relationships.

In this blog, we learn that matrimonial websites not only offer safety precautions to everyone who uses them, but also open up new opportunities for inter caste marriages and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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