Marriage is a bond between two persons and definitely an exciting moment in anyone’s life. We all know that wedding preparations cost a lot but after marriage money should be spent wisely and prudently.

Whether your marriage is arranged or love, You found a match by traditional way or through a Marriage bureau, wedding expenses matter a lot and can never be denied irrespective of volume.

We see both ends of the spectrum, from lavish to simple weddings at five star hotels or home ceremonies.  In all cases, the end result is the same i.e. “Married”

It is always difficult to meet all the expectations and comforts of guests with respect to marriage arrangements. If the wedding arrangement is done wisely where you consider your own comfort & satisfaction level without paying attention to the arguments from others, there will be no regrets in the future.

Marriage brings happiness as well as additional responsibilities into life. Statistics of Matrimonial in Pakistan indicate that most couples don’t talk about money management before marriage because families are well aware of their living standards  and norms.

Experts recommend that after getting married you must  save at least twenty percent of your income each month which can be in the shape of investment keeping in view the incremental factor of your investment.

Be honest about your lifestyle, identify your needs and observe the same in your partner. It would be better to make a list of monthly expenses together and always try to keep yourself focused on the budget. Cut short expenses and save even little amounts from every corner while maintaining your living standards.

A sample budget of a newlywed couple may contain the following heads:

  • Home rent & utility bills
  • Food and Groceries
  • Health insurance & Gym for fitness
  • Education expenses, if any
  • Investments & savings
  • Entertainment and fun
  • Family support
  • Charity
  • Miscellaneous – Events and gifts.
  • Transportation/ Car maintenance.

A happy married life keeps you healthy and provides an opportunity to serve better and make yourself a helping hand for your family and relatives even without spending a penny. Sharing your experience, giving simple advice, wishing others on certain events, serving a cup of tea, caring a patient, arranging a picnic tour or offering a fine dinner in any restaurant to family members or relatives will develop your personality and create your positive image among the family members.

Make short term goals upto 5 years and try to achieve them with a positive mind. Try to reinvest according to the results and achievements of short term plans and develop a forecast after consulting your senior family members and partner. A healthy discussion will lead you to invest in a proper project. Involve yourself in charity activities and fix a portion of charity in your income.

After marriage, do not forget your parents and take care of their monetary needs to have blessings in your life.

There is no “My, his, or her” money in a successful marriage. Regardless of who does or does not work, the successful Couples pool their money together and also plan, budget, spend and save together.