Teaching is a very noble profession. It is said that “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”. Every year, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated globally in the month of October to honour and pay tribute to all the teachers and to recognized and highlight their role in the lives of students. Have you ever wondered what kind of life partner a teacher could be? Simply keep reading our blog titled “Reasons you should marry a teacher to find out the reason. 

Being married to a teacher is fortunate and challenging at the same time.  When you marry a teacher, you will always have someone who will teach you how to enjoy life and to love wholeheartedly as well. Unfortunately, teaching is one of the most underrated professions now-a-days. People don’t like to choose a teacher for marriage. This is a misconception that that teachers don’t make a good couple and are consider a failure in terms of the lifestyle they live. Truth is, a teacher is more advantageous and strategic when it comes to family matters and parenting than any other professional. Here are some of the key reasons why you should marry a teacher. 

1. Patient: 

The most important quality that a teacher have is patience. He/She never give up on any situation and try out new ways to help his/her family. They are the most patient and understanding people. They give proper time and attention to their spouse and family. Listen carefully and can explain things again and again without getting annoyed. 

2. Responsible: 

Marry a teacher, if you want to be more responsible.  

The main duty of a husband is to be a good one and have involvement in the family. When it comes to liability, who can be more responsible than a teacher. They will make sure to never be late in any work or decision and never leave anything until the last minute. Their partner and family are always their priority. They are strong, confident, goal-oriented and able to plan for the future. Their meticulous approach to handling situations is something that translates into their life as well.  

3. Passionate: 

Among many other qualities, one of them is that they are passionate, keen to spread positivity and always trying to make the right decisions. Their job requires a lot of dedication, hard work, stress at a very little pay. Although a relationship is a two-sided process that involves a lot of give and take but when it comes to their marriage, they are giving their best. 

4. Selfless: 

Marry a teacher because they are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to help and support their family. They are volunteers, no matter the time, place, or situation, they choose to put others before themselves.   

5. Organized: 

Disorganization often creates conflict between couples. One of the most important skills of teacher is organization. This skill helps them maintain order not only in classroom but at home as well.  They are well organized and know what they are supposed to do and what is their responsibility. They admire their spouse for finding new ways to be even more efficient as life partners. 

6. Communicate well: 

Communication is everything in a relationship, an essential part of a healthy partnership. Since teachers are capable of communicating, they are not afraid to communicate their thoughts, emotions and feelings with their spouse.  They can express themselves and being able to get their partner to do as well. 

7. Master planner: 

No doubt teachers and master planners. Either it is financial planning, party planning, meal planning, you just name it and he will handle. An organized and wise life partner will help structure your life in countless ways. 

8. Expert listener: 

Having strong listening skills help teachers make a more powerful connection not only with students but when they come home after a long day, they are always ready to listen to their spouse with ears ready and arms wide open. Opening their heart to spouse and nurturing theirs, this is where their listening skill benefits them. 

9. Problem solver: 

Problems are a part of our lives. Teachers operate everything analytically. When it comes to married life, they can easily solve the conflict that sometimes springs from their family or spouse’s different method of thinking about and dealing with problems. Therefore, if you are not good at solving problems and want your partner to be balanced, marry a teacher. Because they are the best at it. 

A further advantage of Breaks & holidays, when you marry a teacher 

Teachers have enough time for their families unlike other jobs that close at 5pm or 6pm. Teaching is one of the careers that has the longest holiday. If a person loves to travel, then marrying a teacher could be a perfect match because there will be lots of time to get away from it all.  

Closing thoughts: 

Finding the right partner feels like a whole lot of work. There is a strong correlation between job and marriage. Workers in some professions are significantly more likely to be married than others. If you are looking out to get marry someone, a teacher might just be the ideal type of person. Because you end up receiving a lot of benefits when you marry a teacher. 

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