Marriage has become significantly more difficult than it should be as a result of the new social norms. Finding a bride or groom is no easy task even in the presence of numerous platforms that assist in soul mates. There are several Pakistani Rishta websites particularly designed according to the customs and matrimony traditions of Pakistan. It is increasingly becoming difficult to find befitting Rishta in Pakistan with the availability of multiple confusing options. 

Finding Rishta in Pakistan

 Although finding Rishta in Pakistan is increasingly becoming difficult for both genders. However, for girls it is even more difficult than boys. It’s common for parents of girls to spend years and years looking for a befitting family and groom. Most girls are not allowed to choose their partner outside the arrange marriage settings. During Rishta sessions, girls have to pass through intrusive interviewing, inspection for physical appearance, and various push trolley sessions to find a suitable rishta.  

Nevertheless, the time period that leads to an arranged marriage in Pakistan is nothing short of excruciating. The overrated concept of early and speedy marriage leaves people in the haste of making decisions without giving much thought. This makes looking singles prone to face cheating from marriage bureaus and rishta aunties working for fraudulent intentions.  

Traditional marriage bureaus in Pakistan

Many marriage bureaus in Pakistan are bogus money-making institutions playing with people’s hopes and emotions. They advertise their services in newspapers and on social media. And require you to complete their extensive registration forms. When it comes to sending Rishtas, they demand a hefty fee and vanish into thin air.  

They would not even take calls. And if they do, they will refuse to recognize you and the fact that you paid the fee and they owe you service in return. Many people still like to rely on rishta brokers or so-called “rishta aunties”. Even though they are well aware that these bureaus occasionally charge registration fees in order to show you Rishta in Pakistan, and charge a lot for overseas rishtas. Additionally, send a few pointless profiles, which they distribute to every other family that registers with them. 

Matrimonial Websites that offer Rishta in Pakistan 

The internet and digitalization have altered almost every aspect of life in Pakistan. One of the most crucial areas is marriage. In the past, parents would choose the bride or the groom, but things have changed. Nowadays, everyone seeks a partner who is compatible with them or shares same values. Here is where marriage bureau services and matrimonial websites diverge. 

In Pakistan, there are a lot of online rishta websites and marriage bureaus that overwhelm you with choices without conducting sufficient research. Nevertheless, many Pakistani residents and those living abroad have been able to find their desired Rishta in Pakistan. Because there are many respectable and reputed Rishta online websites in Pakistan.  

However, it requires an effort to find a reliable option. Some matrimonial websites are doing great jobs in bringing people together from various parts of the world.  

At this point in the conversation, we want to know that: 

  1. Do you also believe that finding a bride or groom is difficult? 
  2. Would you rather use a matrimonial website or a traditional method to find a rishta in Pakistan? 

In the aforementioned scenario, one really needs a good matrimonial website. Which provides top-notch services to help families find the perfect matches for their children. 

To fill this gap, Simple Rishta extends sincere and legitimate help to potential brides and grooms in finding their soulmates.  

We provide rishta in Pakistan and overseas with the best matchmaking services. Visit our platform, and find a responsible life partner. 


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