As much as we think about the festivities of the wedding with stars in our eyes, the reality soon sinks in that sometimes coping up with newly formed relationships is hard. Apart from a huge, fancy framed photo from the wedding day that hangs pompously on the wall of our bedroom, there are other things and actions needed to assure you are happily married for a lifetime.

Whether your wedding is arranged or love, it is fixed within the family or outside the family, properly engaged then married with all the rituals or it was a quick rishta, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing you have someone to share your life with, in its entirety including all your successes and failures. There are several things you can do to create a fulfilling relationship that can last forever while being an example to follow for other couples. If you are ready to embark on a new journey of happier and better marriage life, don’t miss our secret recipe extracted from the experiences of couples who learned it along the way.

  1. Laugh More and Worry Less

This is possible only when you cut each other some slack. Become buddies but let your spouse catch up with old buddies too. Make sure you have time to laugh together, even if that means laughing out your mistakes. Have meaningful and light talks to realize how many of the “big issues” you’ve worried about in the past turned out to be “no issues”.

  1. Some PDA (Public Display of Affection) is OK

Show and share love every day, it doesn’t always have to be publicly acknowledging your love for your spouse. But bragging about your partner in front of your friends and family occasionally goes a long way. Verbally appreciate your spouse helping lift them up in front of others. Professing your love publicly gives the impression that you’re proud of your choice and makes your partner feel desired.  Above all, it helps in letting others know that you two are a team and it’s hard for them to come between you.

  1. Let it Go

Make allowances for petty mistakes, small negligence, and times when your spouse could not live up to your expectations. Don’t assume the role of teacher for each other taking responsibility for correcting each other’s behavior. Remember, you got married because you consider yourself a grownup, and grownups don’t need schooling. Above all, let go of every thought that brings negative energy to you, even if that means letting go of your preconceived notion of married life.


  1. Do Not Compare

What worked for others does not necessarily have to work for you. Don’t look at someone else’s relationship and let it define yours. Every couple functions a different way and comes across situations and circumstances unique like DNA. You and Your partner do not have to be carbon copies of your ideals to make your relationship thrive.

  1. Talk Everything

Talk about each and everything even if that means over-talking. If you are happy about something, talk about it, and make sure you also talk about things that make you unhappy. The key is, don’t forget to be respectful if your talk leads to an argument. Don’t be harmful while trying to make a point. Take time to read tips on good communication skills and use them in your relationship.

No one is perfect in this world, accepting the imperfections and flaws in us and our partners and cherishing our differences is a key to a happy married life.  Making note of the things discussed above will allow you to have a steady marriage life that can stand the test of time and tough situations.


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