Marriage is a unique bond formed by the trust, love, care, and compassion of two people who are not related by blood. Wouldn’t it be great if we all knew the secret to a successful and happy married life? Discover the elements of a successful marriage, and live happily ever after. Let’s read our blog post from today about a happy marriage. 

How a happy married life is defined? 

No marriage experiences constant happiness. Happy married life has its ups and downs, just like any other kind of relationship. Instead of expecting your marriage to be a certain way, a happy marriage is about being content with what you already have.  

Real happiness comes from accepting what you have and not constantly striving to live up to some idealized standard imposed by media like movies and romance novels. 

Before we get into the subject, let’s define what helps make a marriage happy. 

What contributes to a happy marriage? 

As much as we think about the festivities of the wedding with stars in our eyes, the reality soon sinks in that sometimes coping up with newly formed relationships is hard. Apart from a huge, fancy framed photo from the wedding day that hangs pompously on the wall of our bedroom, there are other things and actions needed to assure you are happily married for a lifetime.  

During a marriage, a husband and wife share a variety of emotions. Which include laughter, joy, intimacy, openness, friendship, and enduring trust. Both partners are dedicated to communicating with one another. 

Couples must be willing to change and grow in order to have a truly happy marriage. Relationships develop, people grow, and our needs change over time. Therefore, what we need today might not be what we need in the future. Because a happy married life requires both individual and joint growth, both partners must support one another as they grow into their best selves. 

Even though it is essential to understand that happy married life is a two-way process. Both of them must be mature enough to handle each other’s insecurities and messed up behavior and to understand them when they fail to do the same. 

Here is a sweet and energizing poem entitled “The Recipe for a Happy Marriage” that was written by a lady “Lorrain.” 

The Recipe for a Happy Marriage 


  • 1 cup of consideration 
  • 1 cup of courtesy
  • 2 cups of flattery carefully concealed 
  • 2 cups of milk of human kindness
  • 1 gallon of faith and trust in each other
  • 2 cups of praise
  • 1 small pinch of in-laws
  • 1 reasonable budget 
  • 1 cup of contentment 
  • A generous dash of cooperation 
  • 1 cup each of confidence and encouragement 
  • 1 large or several small hobbies
  • 1 cup of blindness to the other’s faults 


Flavor with frequent portions of recreation and a dash of happy memories.
Stir well and remove any specks of jealousy, temper or criticism.
Sweeten well with generous portions of love and keep warm with a steady flame of devotion. 

How to Live a Happy Married Life? 

Whether your wedding is arranged or love, it is fixed within the family or outside the family, properly engaged then married with all the rituals or it was a quick rishta, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing you have someone to share your life with, in its entirety including all your successes and failures.  

A couple can make it last forever and lead a truly happy married life, regardless of what obstacles they face, by taking some precautions and being cautious when necessary.  

Secrets to a happy married life

You can take a number of steps to build a satisfying relationship and happy married life that will endure forever and serve as a model for other couples to follow. 

If you are ready to embark on a new journey of happier and better marriage life, don’t miss our secret recipe extracted from the experiences of couples who learned it along the way. 

1. Laugh More and Worry Less

This is possible only when you cut each other some slack. Become buddies but let your spouse catch up with old buddies too. Make sure you have time to laugh together, even if that means laughing out your mistakes. Have meaningful and light talks to realize how many of the “big issues” you’ve worried about in the past turned out to be “no issues”.  

2. Some PDA (Public Display of Affection) is OK 

Show and share love every day, it doesn’t always have to be publicly acknowledging your love for your spouse. But bragging about your partner in front of your friends and family occasionally goes a long way. Verbally appreciate your spouse helping lift them up in front of others. Professing your love publicly gives the impression that you’re proud of your choice and makes your partner feel desired.  Above all, it helps in letting others know that you two are a team and it’s hard for them to come between you. 

3. Let go negative thoughts that interfere with happy married life

Make allowances for petty mistakes, small negligence, and times when your spouse could not live up to your expectations. Don’t assume the role of teacher for each other taking responsibility for correcting each other’s behavior. Remember, you got married because you consider yourself a grownup, and grownups don’t need schooling. Above all, let go of every thought that brings negative energy to you, even if that means letting go of your preconceived notion of married life. 

4. Never Compare your happy married life with others

What worked for others does not necessarily have to work for you. Don’t look at someone else’s relationship and let it define yours. Every couple functions a different way and comes across situations and circumstances unique like DNA. You and Your partner do not have to be carbon copies of your ideals to make your relationship thrive. 

5. Talk All the elements required for a happy married life

Talk about each and everything even if that means over-talking. If you are happy about something, talk about it. Make sure you also talk about things that make you unhappy. The key is, don’t forget to be respectful if your talk leads to an argument. Don’t be harmful while trying to make a point. Take time to read tips on good communication skills and use them in your relationship. 

6. The Secret is Happiness 

Whether it’s your first day of wedlock or many years later, your happiness will undoubtedly bring harmony and peace to your union. So, you should be mindful of the little things and gestures that might make your spouse feel overjoyed and happier. 

7. Conflicts occur regularly

You may encounter a situation at some point in your happy married life, where you both have different opinions and don’t agree on something. This is completely normal, and you should view this as an opportunity to learn rather than engaging in conflict over it. 

8. Keep that flame alive

It takes more than just love to keep a relationship alive and strong. It also takes affection, romance, and little things like hoteling, walks, movies, and other similar activities. 


No one is perfect in this world, accepting the imperfections and flaws in us and our partners and cherishing our differences is a key to a happy married life.  Making note of the things discussed above will allow you to have a steady marriage life that can stand the test of time and tough situations.  

We sincerely hope that these small actions will enable you to enjoy happy married life and produce memories that will last a lifetime! 

Are you prepared to start your journey toward a happy married life? 

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