A community matrimony site refers to a website that helps individuals seeking marriage partners from different communities or cultural backgrounds. In simple words; mixed community matrimony is a platform where people from various ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds can find and connect with potential partners for marriage.    

Pakistan has a bunch of different communities living together, giving it a mixed culture vibe. Pakistani people are loving and open-minded to some extent. But when it comes to marriage, they always seek a bride or groom, belonging to the same community or religion. On a Pakistani mixed community matrimony site, you can find different communities. Such as; Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun, Kashmiri and so on. You can also find communities based on religion. Such as; Muslims, Christians, and Hindus. This reduces the gaps between provinces as you can find a Balochi partner while sitting in Punjab.  

Marriage plays a significant role in every society. The same community matrimony holds great importance in Pakistan. Because it helps maintain the cultural and religious traditions of the community. It also helps ensure that the family values and customs are passed down to the next generation. Additionally, people feel more comfortable marrying someone from the same community as they share common values, beliefs and practices so they don’t need to feel out of space. Same-community matrimony helps to build a stronger bond between couples and their families.  

Simple Rishta – A mixed Community Matrimony Website

Talking about the multi community site, Simple Rishta is the best option you can ever get to choose a spouse or partner for yourselves or your beloved children. Here is the complete guide of Simple Rishta – A mixed Community Website:  

 About Simple Rishta

Simple Rishta is a Pakistani-based, mixed community matrimony website which has a large number of matrimonial databases to help individuals in finding their match all over Pakistan and other areas of the world.  

Simple Rishta has proposals from different communities of Pakistan including Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other minorities. They also have proposals from different provinces to assist people in marrying the same community to make their cultures and traditions preserved.  

The purpose of this site is to help parents find a match for their children depending on their needs and requirements. Later, the ideology behind it changed slightly and now the candidate can find a match itself by registering on it.  

Still, the site is Muslim based yet mixed communities are present there, the image and message have privacy options. This means, our sister who doesn’t want to show their images can hide them and can ignore the messages too, no one will know if someone ignores or rejects your proposal.  

The services provided by this mixed community matrimony include free Registration, profile creation, email verification, quick response and complete guidance from step one to the end. 

Registration On Simple Rishta

For using the service of Simple Rishta- a mixed community matrimony site, a candidate needs to create an account which we called “registration” in simple words.  

The registration process is easy and quick. It required only five Steps.  

  • Open the website: simplerishta.com  
  • Click on the “Register” button 
  • Type your email or Gmail or Hotmail or yahoo address and set a password  
  • Click “Create account”  
  • Go to your email inbox and open the email from simple Rishta to verify the email address  

As soon as you click on the verification button, your account will be active and registration will be completed.  

Profile Creation on Simple Rishta

After registration, the next step is profile creation which is necessary for finding proposals. You have to log in on simple Rishta and click on “Create Profile”.  

A form of a few pages will appear on your screen which will include sections for Name, Age, Gender, Location, Religion, Ethnicity, Education Qualification, Occupation, Interest, Hobbies, Educational Background, information about family members and residency etc.  

All information is required and the form will not proceed until you fill in all boxes. If you are concerned about your personal information being displayed for others to see, then don’t worry other candidates will not be able to see anything other than basic information like name, age, gender, education, religion etc.  

Search And Messaging on Simple Rishta

After creating your Matrimonial profile, you’ll be able to search for your spouse. All you need to do is to apply the search filter where you have to tell the age, marital status, religion, caste, country, city and education of the person you are looking for. In other words, in the filter section, you have to tell your preferences.  

Several profiles will be shown after applying a search filter, click on “Full profile” to see the basic information about the candidate or you can click on the green chat logo to send a quick message. You can also ask for the image by clicking on the option before the chat button.  

Blogs by Simple Rishta

A relationship advisor is a need of every matrimonial relationship. Sharing things or asking for tips from your relatives can become a little awkward but not more as Simple Rishta has also a blog section for newly wedded couples or for couples who want to improve their relationships.  

Simple Rishta has blogs written on different categories such as Relationship advice, Relationship issues, Relationship goals, social issues of marriage, Marital tips and awareness, Marriage guidelines, Wedding planning and trends etc. Their blogs also discuss the needs and issues of a multicultural and mixed community matrimony. 

Simple Rishta can be your personal advisor and problem solver if you read and suggest your issues for blogs. Requests are always open.  

Privacy And Help on Simple Rishta

Simple Rishta has highly appreciated data protection and ensured a privacy policy. The data security of the candidates is most important for it and they handle it with extreme care. The information of any candidate cannot disclose without their permission so you can rely on simple Rishta for data and privacy issues.  

The help centre is always open to taking and solving your queries.  You can contact us on our social media accounts or email us at [email protected] for discussing your matters. You can also call our office number from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm to discuss the problems you’re facing by using our website.  

By providing candid feedback on our services, you can show your appreciation for us. 

A complete guide about the Simple Rishta mixed community matrimony site is here. We hope this will be enough for assisting in registration and profile creation. However, if you are stuck at any stage, feel free to approach us.  

Don’t forget to subscribe for relationship advice.  

Get an exclusive community matrimony service at Simple Rishta.