Marriage is a special moment in a boy and girl’s life. However, there are some moments that everyone wants to remember even before the wedding. Similar to seeking a partner, receiving a proposal, becoming engaged, planning a wedding, and finally the wedding day. You’ve come to the right place! This succinct blog “The Marriage Proposal Etiquettes” by Team Simple Rishta contains the answer for you in full.

Whether you make a romantic proposal to a partner or have your family host the event. These occasions made every girl and boy’s life beautiful. Because the moment of a marriage proposal is a memorable event. And both families, especially the engaged couple, want to make sure everything goes well.

Even if you connected through a mutual friend or relative, at work or in university, an online rishta website or matrimonial app, or another venue. The time has come to make the connection with your soul mate last. There are ways to ensure the marriage proposal goes off without a hitch. You’re ready to propose, but you’re not sure how to make it extra special?

Proposal Etiquettes you need to know

Etiquette is a set of guidelines for socially and personally acceptable behavior in various contexts. It’s not just a collection of archaic rules.

Here are some marriage proposal etiquettes that everyone should adhere to.

  • Make sure you are on the same page. The girl or boy give their consent to this marriage.
  • The two families had a conversation before deciding to accept the proposal. And both are agreeable.
  • Organize a party or grand gesture by mutual conversation.
  • Don’t rush it. Give your partner’s family and your partner a moment. And ample time must be given to process.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your appearance if you are going to a marriage proposal with your family.
  • However, if you’re not a traditional person (and won’t offend any of her/his family). You can use social media to broadcast your proposal news.

Some guidelines for marriage proposals

Marriage is a very important decision of life. If it is done with mutual consent and the happiness of the children as well as the parents, it is a guarantee of a happy future. While looking for a match, it is crucial for parents to keep a few things in mind. A marriage proposal is meant to be an emotional act that originates from the heart. However, there are some sound guidelines that can assist you in making this proposal memorable in a positive way.

1. Propose when financially, physically, and emotionally prepare

Together with other life manners, include proposal etiquettes. Only make a proposal when your son or daughter is financially, physically, and emotionally prepared for marriage. It is never a good idea to get married under duress, too young, to an unemployed or misbehaved boy.  Mostly Parents hope that their son will handle the responsibility after the wedding. And that his future spouse’s in-laws will provide him financial support. Another bad practice is delaying marriage after a proposal has been accepted.

3. Proper training before marriage

It is essential that the boy and girl receive the right education and proper knowledge before getting married. Education increases awareness, but there is no denying the value of training. Both the boy and the girl should understand the value of relationships, proper courtship behavior, and the distinction between mahram and non-mahram relationships, among other things. Prepare the boy or girl for any issues or matters that might arise after marriage.

3. Don’t encourage idealism

Look at the boy or girl from the standpoint of a regular person when searching for a marriage proposal. Parents should not place a high value on idealism and should discourage it in children.

4. Inform them prior to visiting

When you visit someone’s home, be sure to follow some proposal etiquettes. Make sure to let them know you’re coming. Don’t eat at such a gathering, and don’t put the family through hardship before any relationship. Although it is part of our society’s high culture to respect visitors. But it is your moral and religious obligation to cause the host the least amount of trouble possible.

5. Avoid giving immediate impression

Don’t immediately express your feelings and emotions if you don’t like the boy or girl. Additionally, avoid giving the impression that you lack modesty or humility through your words or actions. After something has been said or done inappropriately, it is frequently too late to take it back. Therefore, it should be something we try to avoid during the marriage proposal.

6. In case of denial refuse in a polite manner

Once the proposal has progressed to marriage, if for some reason it does not work out, just remain silent. Don’t overlook a person’s son or daughter’s flaws. Refuse in a polite manner and appropriate words that this relationship is inappropriate for our kids. Additionally, it would be better for us to end this relationship.  Make sure parents and guardian don’t think their kids are lacking anything. Lessen your impact on them and don’t hurt their feelings.  This is the most crucial proposal etiquette.

7. Meet the family in person

Instead of exchanging pictures, parents should meet the boy or girl, and their families. Allow the boy and girl to interact with each other in front of their parents.

8. Involve elders in decision

Include elders in the marriage decision-making process and talk to them about the union. Because of their wisdom and experience, seniors can assist you in making better decisions. A marriage proposal may appear to affect only the happy couple. However, it will also have an effect on the couple’s parents, grandparents, and other close family members because Pakistani society gives special consideration to elders. So, when making marriage proposals, one must take these things into account.

9. Perform Istikhara before final decision

If you intend to perform Istikhara, do so before beginning a relationship. Doing istikhara or denying the relationship under this guise after accepting the proposal is not a good deed.

10. Be Flexible & don’t rush

Be aware that things might not go exactly as you had hoped, particularly if you are traveling to another city for the proposal. There could be some personal issues causing the family to be disturbed, worn out, irritated, queasy, or anything else. Whenever it feels appropriate during your trip, choose. It ought to be a joyful and natural moment.

Lastly, one word of caution

Keep it simple at this event. However, keep in mind that the marriage proposal is your chance to shine. Both families can enjoy a meal, dinner or brunch, while discussing the proposal’s details. Your proposal will be one of the biggest moments of your life. However, it will only last for a moment. Certainly, the memories will endure forever. Enjoy it to the fullest.

That’s all from our today’s blog. “Tell us a story about your marriage proposal. How and when you had this experience?” and “What proposal etiquettes you agree with and what you already practice?”

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