Marriage and wedding preparations are full of ups and downs, adventures, and incredible memories. You’re starting the process of planning your wedding, but you have no idea what you’re doing. Here is a comprehensive list of words, phrases, and terminologies related to weddings that you need to know. 

Arranged marriage: 

A marriage partner selection process in which the bride and groom are primarily selected by family other than the couple themselves. 


The long narrow pathway for bride and groom entry where they walk down, to reach stage, with rows of seats on either side. 

Bridal shower: 

A bridal shower is a party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. 


In this type of catering, the food is set up in one location, and guests pass by to take what strikes their fancy. 


A paid professional who prepares and provides the food at the wedding. Responsibilities may include not only providing and preparing food but also serving it and cleaning up afterwards. 


It includes the centrepieces on the tables, the chair decor as well as other items including drapes on the walls, Overhead decor, free standing light-up, flowers, lights, floors etc. 

Destination wedding: 

A wedding celebration with close family and friends that occurs somewhere other than the couple’s hometown.  


The act of exchanging rings and promising that couple intend to marry, or the state of having decided to get married. 

Fiancé & Fiancée: 

The title given to a person engaged to be married. Fiancé is typically used to describe an engaged man, while the form fiancée is used to describe an engaged woman. 


A groom is the same as a bridegroom. A man who is about to get married or just got married. 


A holiday which newlyweds take immediately after their wedding. A honeymoon provides first memorable moments to a couple. 

Invitation cards: 

An invitation card used to share information about marriage date and venue. 


Jewellery is a decorative item that bride wear for personal adornment, such as  brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. 


 Marriage is a knot between two people. In Hinduism first two knots tied by the groom signify the commitment of the couple and to assure the well-being of the bride and the third knot tied by the groom’s sister signifies commitment between the two families. 

Love marriage: 

In love marriage the boy and girl choose their own life partner by entering into a mutual love relationship. 

Marriage Certificate: 

An official document that couple have to sign and keep with them as an evidence of marriage. 

Nose ring: 

In Asian culture, nose ring is a symbol of a married woman. Women tend to wear their nose ring for life like a wedding ring, as a representation of their married status. 


Couple owe each other respect, loyalty, aid and assistance. 


photography is an important part of wedding. People hire professional photographer to capture their day and memories. 

Queen Anne Neckline: 

A wedding dress with high back and full-length sleeves flaunting collar bones while keeping shoulders covered. 


The reception takes place after the wedding. Since family members and friends may have travelled long distances to attend the wedding, the reception is a chance for everyone to socialize, eat, talk and celebrate with the new bride and groom. 

Save the date:

An announcement of the wedding date, by sending an invitation card, requesting guests to “save the date” so they can attend the ceremony.  

Theme wedding:  

A wedding ceremony with a specific theme like Vintage, classic, glamorous, rustic or modern wedding. It is typically shared early on with save-the-dates or wedding invitations. 


Male bridal party members who show guests to their seats before the ceremony. 


Marriage is recognised union between people, called spouses, that establishes rights and obligations between them. 


A venue is the place where wedding ceremony happens.

Wedding Planner: 

A professional person who helps planning a wedding and oversee it on the day to make sure it goes according to plan.  


After the wedding ceremony, husband with a couple of witnesses sign the marriage certificate. Once signed, marriage is official. 


Events of Pakistani marriage Mehndi and Mayun are event of colours, music, flowers, decor and tradition. Yellow is associate with this function. All brides desire to have traditional embellished Yellow dresses. 


Zinnias flowers are most often used in wedding arrangements especially for bridal bouquet.