For decades, parents in Pakistan have relied on conventional sources to find suitable rishta for their children. The providers of matrimonial services like marriage bureaus and female rishta agents are very popular in Pakistan.
However, technology is now gradually changing people’s mindsets and encouraging them to use matchmaking sites for shadi online services. These websites are more reliable than marriage bureaus or female rishta agents because of their state-of-the-art, auto-match system and secure database. Parents can find future life partners and pakistani rishta for their children without compromising confidentiality and data privacy.
The following article explains some of the exclusive features of matchmaking sites that make them a reliable source of matrimonial services.Maintaining confidentiality is the number one priority of people while searching for suitable marriage proposals. However, marriage bureaus, particularly female rishta agents, do not usually keep the matters confidential and disclose the details without the family’s consent.
On the other hand, matchmaking sites provide first-class matrimonial services with complete confidentiality and privacy. Unlike dating platforms that offer direct public access to user profiles, matrimonial sites share verified profiles with serious parents only who are interested in searching for future life partners for their children online.When it comes to efficiency and reliability in matchmaking, technology surpasses human beings. You cannot achieve your desired results by getting matrimonial services of marriage bureaus or rishta agents because they use manual techniques to find suitable matches.
Conversely, trusted matchmaking sites like Simple Rishta use their state-of-the-art and modern auto-match system to find the best matches according to the candidate’s individual preferences. This way, you can find a sincere and loyal life partner by registering yourself on matchmaking sites and exploring the most suitable matches online.

The most common challenge people face while acquiring matrimonial services from conventional sources is a lack of credibility. With a few exceptions, the majority of marriage bureaus and female rishta agents do not verify the candidate’s information as it requires a lot of time and effort.
To ensure reliability, matchmaking sites do not approve any profile unless independently verified. This ensures there are no fake profiles and you get access to those candidates only who are serious about finding their future life partners.

Data is the new gold – is a common belief in today’s digital world. And you have to share the complete details about your family background, qualification, profession, caste, religion/sect, address, and financial status. You must ensure that your data is in safe hands when you are sharing it with a third-party.
Matchmaking sites store the candidate’s data in a secure database and restrict the direct access to user profiles. The details submitted by the registered users are never shared outside the organization without their consent. Besides, the information must not be used for marketing purposes to ensure data privacy.

Technology is gradually transforming every aspect of our lives. With the rapid evolution of the internet, the trend of online rishta is becoming popular in Pakistan. Various matchmaking sites are offering reliable matrimonial services across the globe and helping individuals search for their future life partners while maintaining confidentiality and ensuring data privacy.
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