Marriage is an important and personal milestone in everyone’s life. It’s not just an event but a decision that brings two individuals and families together, closer and brings a lot of changes in their lives. Marriage is a responsibility that is best carried out on time. However, zaroorat e rishta is a serious issue nowadays.

Role of marriage in society

Every society has a strong foundation in marriage. Most societies use marriage to define kinship ties to a mother, father, and extended family, which helps socially identify children. Along with controlling physical behavior, it also transfers, preserves, or consolidates wealth, power, and prestige. But most importantly, it forms the cornerstone of the institution of the family.

Marriage is basically an agreement between two people. In this agreement they voluntarily accept each other’s personalities and work to advance their objectives together. A married couple is considered successful when they positively influence other family members in terms of family growth, living standards, manners, ethics, financial and social status.

Why Zaroorat e rishta is an important social issue

Parents are facing many problems in finding suitable matches for their children. Despite changes in the trends and lifestyles Zaroorat e Rishta has become a major concern of every household. Hectic, tough routines and never-ending wishes have brought people to a mindset where they expect much more from others in a shorter span of time. It leads to psychological issues especially in youth and has blocked the way of easy marriages.

How Zaroorat e rishta is a significant problem

Finding a life partner, or zaroorat e rishta, is a difficult process that could take many years. It is difficult to imagine this process as a component of a very complex market with a supply and demand for partners. It starts becoming difficult when we set unreasonable expectations about education, financial status & physical characteristics. Seekers always ask baseless questions like:

“He/ she is not fair enough”

“He / she looks older than our son/daughter”

“His or her height is too short”

“We need a doctor or engineer only”

“We are looking for a boy/ girl settled in abroad”

Such comments cause embarrassment among the families. It also leads to a social issue when others notice the same remarks and reject straight away without going into details. It happens due to lack of adequate knowledge and lack of proper education.

Parenting is a holy task. Father and mother have different responsibilities. They both play a significant role in molding the behavior and attitude of their children. How children behave and talk with others shows the environment they are being raised in. And how their parents have brought them up.

The family foundations will play a part in shaping behavior, skills and ability to adapt to different situations. The primary influence of this environment is the parenting style. Good parents demonstrate to their children the meaning of a happy married life with love and joy of serving others. Most of the parents interpret marriage as an ultimate goal of life but they themselves are unaware of the importance of parenting, mind therapy and training of their own children.

Financial stress of families causes conflict over things related to matchmaking of individuals as well as families.

An educated person always prefers the same level of qualification and professionalism in prospective partners which make them overage.

Most of the families are area and caste specific, their major concerns are to find matches for their loved ones in metropolitan cities, avoid smaller towns and prioritize settlement in big cities or abroad.

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