Marriage is a religious and social responsibility adhered to diverse traditional norms in all societies. Living a happy and blissful married life is wished by everyone irrespective of caste, religion, or background. However, finding a loyal and sincere life partner is critical to building a solid and long-term matrimonial relationship.

Being a multicultural nation, Pakistan comprises different religious, ethnic, and linguistic groups. People have distinct preferences when it comes to searching for suitable marriage proposals. Some people ask for rishta in Lahore other search for a Marriage bureau in Karachi. Some prefer arranged marriage and some go for love marriage. Everyone has different desires and priorities.

The following guide explains different methods used in Pakistan to search for future life partners and analyzes the reliability of matrimonial sites.

Friends & Relatives

The most common and widely used means to find rishta in Pakistan is by contacting friends and family members. Despite the presence of trusted matchmaking sites in Pakistan like Simple Rishta, the trend of inter-caste marriages between close relatives is very common.

The tendency of arranged marriages with cousins in the subcontinent dates back to prehistoric times in the Mughal era. The parents used to commit the future marriage of two newly born babies even without their consent. This trend is still common in less developed areas of Interior Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK, and Southern Punjab.

Nevertheless, education has now brought some awareness as people have changed their preferences and started looking for proposals outside their families.

Marriage Bureaus

Another traditional system to search for suitable marriage proposals in Pakistan is through marriage bureaus. These institutions have registered the candidates looking for future life partners act as third-party mediators and help two families build long-term matrimonial relations.

Although some marriage bureaus are reliable, most of them are involved in fraudulent and duplicitous activities. It has been observed several times that marriage brokers conceal or exaggerate critical information about the candidates and misguide the parents for their personal benefits. Once the marriage is over, truths are revealed gradually and the parents come to know the reality of another family. The result of marriages arranged by such marriage bureaus is divorce.

Court Marriage

Where modern technological transformations have digitized the world, it has badly impacted the cultural and social values across the globe. With the rising trend of using dating sites and mobile apps, immature teenagers connect and build emotional relations motivated by movies.

As a result, individuals choose their future life partners without their parents’ consent and become couples through court marriages. These relations inspired by short-term love at dating websites are very fragile and often end up in divorce. Research shows that love marriages linked to courts are one of the biggest reasons behind rising divorce rates in Pakistan.

Matrimonial Websites

While the internet has increased the chances of negative relations, it has also provided us with an opportunity to find our future life partners through reliable means. Matrimonial websites function as trusted high-tech platforms where both parents and candidates wishing for marriage can find suitable marriage proposals.

Unlike dating platforms, matchmaking sites like Simple Rishta restrict direct access to user profiles. Instead, the parents or guardians provide the candidates’ information that is verified independently. Based on these details and preferences, suitable matches are suggested.

This way, people can search for the best marriage proposals online and use modern technology to find a sincere and loyal future life partner.

The Takeaway

Marriage customs and traditions vary in different religions and cultures. In Pakistan, people prefer finding marriage proposals in their families for arranged marriages. The mindset, however, has now been changed as the parents have now started looking for alternative means to find suitable life partners for their children.

Matrimonial websites are one of the most reliable and easy matchmaking means in today’s digital world. Both the parents and candidates who want to engage in a long-term marital relationship can find suitable marriage proposals on these sites.

Visit Simplerishta to explore a large database of verified profiles and find your future life partner according to your preferences.

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