About Simple Rishta

SimpleRishta is an attempt towards simplifying matrimonial searches while maintaining confidence. We are fast growing matrimonial portal offering various opportunities to people from different backgrounds, regions, casts and religions on a single platform. We offer on-line and off-line matrimonial services and our professional staff is well conceived with the idea of launching refined and technologically advanced user-friendly platform to help the alliance seekers to fix the right bridge of relationships.

We are well aware of social challenges in this endeavor and assist in connecting well suited profiles by adopting tested procedures to develop trust in the complete process. Our main objective is to understand the requirements and preferences of singles and provide them the best and fastest solutions with our thorough analysis and updated database with verified procedures.
We aim to deliver satisfactory, comfortable and hassle-free match-making experience to our members.

Our ideology

We devote our energy and experience to form a marital union by developing cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements. We also try to establish a manner or content of thinking characteristics of an individual, group or culture with respect to marital life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share relationship skills and knowledge with the candidates and help them to make better decisions about marriage and their future life. We provide opportunities to applicants to identify their needs so that they function as one social unit and acquire sense of being responsible to facilitate a meaningful life together. Our corporate perfection mixed with the personal emotional handling always project a professional approach to the business.

Features of Simple Rishta 

Safe and Reliable

We verify information through documentary evidence and independent means to ensure reliability.

Trusted Service

A trusted matrimonial service matching profiles based on user preferences and information provided.

Simple and Easy Registration

You can register yourself by providing your details on the website and sharing your preferences with our staff member.

Large Database

We have a large database of verified national and international profiles.

Data Privacy

We restrict direct profile access and store your personal info in a secure database to ensure data privacy.

Auto-Match System

We use a state-of-the-art automated system to ensure the best couple matches.

Your Priorities, Our Search 

Perfect Match 

Simple Rishta

Simple Rishta

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