Find Your Rishta Online

Simple Rishta is an online matrimonial service that helps Pakistani families and couples searching for an online rishta. You can use the following section to filter suitable matches according to your preferences in real-time. You can then register or login to contact your preferred rishtas.

Why Simple Rishta

Getting suitable rishtas is an ever-increasing need in the Pakistani society. The traditional methods like family and friends’ contacts, zaroorat-e-rishta advertisements in classifieds and marriage bureau services have been very useful in the past. However, the contact networks in these cases are limited to a few hundred possibilities if not a few dozen. SimpleRishta reaches millions of families within Pakistan and abroad and leads when it comes to finding matrimonial in Pakistan. In addition to Pakistani rishtas, SimpleRishta also lists profiles from the Middle East, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Our registration process is simple and easy

Your data security is of utmost importance to us and we handle it with extreme care

We don’t disclose information of candidates without their permission

Latest technology is provided to filter and sort the required information at the matching stage to find the prospective partners

We save your time by narrowing down your search by following your checklist

We want to make it known that SimpleRishta is not a dating website

Our services are cost effective i.e. chances of encountering time wasters are low to none.

We are carrying out responsibilities like, but not limited to:

Rishta profiles designed to suit Pakistani society rishta process 

Scrutiny of applications and documents (Coming soon)

Ensuring family and candidate privacy 

Quick rishta process for effective feedback and turnaround times 

Getting Started

Our focus is to provide perfect matches with the apt combination of tradition with technological advancements. You need to register on our website to contact prospective candidates or families to get rishtas. The process of registration is very easy and clear, and involves these steps:

Registration & Verification

To register your account on our website, click the “Register” button, enter your Email and Password an click “Create account”. You will get a verification e-mail, click the link given in email to get yourself verified by the system.

Profile creation

Upon verification, you will be directed to the Simple Rishta Dashboard. Add your personal details, preferences, employment, education, accommodation and family details step by step. Complete your profile by uploading your latest photograph. You can add any specific details in the comment section located under the “personal” tab. Once you are on our network, you can search for your life partner and send them messages.

Contacting Candidates

A list of potential partners will be displayed as soon as the profile is uploaded. Otherwise, use the filter button in the top left. Click “reset”, after selecting your preferences, “Apply filter” to accomplish this. Basic information of candidates is displayed on the screen. For more information you can click “View profile” button, which is given below. Pick a candidate and contact them. A message icon has been given along with each candidate’s name. You can ask for the access to their full profile, photograph, and the contact number. In the “View Profile” section, you can see the Image request, Contact request, and Full profile request buttons. Candidates can also be shortlisted using the button provided with the message icon. Notification and message icons are given at the top with the filter. You will receive the messages sent by the candidates there.

In case of any problem or difficulty in profile registration, feel free to contact us. Our staff is always ready to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simple Rishta, and how does it work?

SimpleRishta is an online rishta service. We have a sizable database of potential brides and grooms from various cities and countries, all with different backgrounds. 

Our process requires that the candidate or his family register on our app and create a profile. The list of registered members is displayed to them as soon as the profile is completed. They can get in touch with any member according to their requirements. 

In which cities Simple Rishta has its offices?

We are providing online service. You can register on our app and find a suitable match regardless of your location or city. 

Can I interact with members without registering?

No, if you don’t register, you can’t communicate with registered members. 

Why should I create an account on Simple Rishta?

Considering that we are a top-notch and trustworthy online matrimonial service that offers rishta in Pakistan and other countries. You can find a compatible match in Pakistan and abroad from the comfort of your home by registering with Simple Rishta.  

What is the procedure to register on Simple Rishta?

You simply need to complete the registration form, verify your email, and then log in to create your profile. Check out this video to learn how to register.  

Can I create a Simple Rishta profile for free?

Yes, Simple Rishta’s services are currently free. A registration fee will be applied soon.