What is Simple Rishta, and how does it work?

SimpleRishta is an online rishta service. We have a sizable database of potential brides and grooms from various cities and countries, all with different backgrounds. 

Our process requires that the candidate or his family register on our app and create a profile. The list of registered members is displayed to them as soon as the profile is completed. They can get in touch with any member according to their requirements. 

In which cities Simple Rishta has its offices?

We are providing online service. You can register on our app and find a suitable match regardless of your location or city. 

Can I interact with members without registering?

No, if you don’t register, you can’t communicate with registered members. 

Can I register friends and family on my behalf?

Yes, you may register on their behalf. 

Is it necessary to provide photograph with registration form?

Uploading your photo is recommended. Since your profile picture gives people their first impression of you, we ask you to upload your recent photograph. We ensure users absolute privacy. They can choose whether to make their photo public or private. 

Can I edit my profile after registering?

Yes, you are always able to make changes to your profile. However, you cannot change your gender or marital status, so please be accurate. 

Why is the registration form so lengthy, and why is it necessary to fill out every column?

Marriage is a serious commitment, so it’s crucial to give relevant individuals all the information they need. The more details you give about yourself, the more likely it is that you will find matches that match your preferences.  

How long does it take to register my profile?

As soon as you enter your data and finish filling out your profile, it will be registered. Please note that your profile will not be visible to registered members until you have fully filled out the first two pages.

Are registered users able to see all the information on my profile?

No, only basic information will show up to users. A candidate will request you for your photo, complete profile, and contact details. 

How can I get in touch with the registered users?

You can communicate with the registered users by sending them messages. Each profile includes a message button. In addition, a few buttons are given for the photo, full profile, and contact information, which you can use to request the desired information. 

How do I delete or deactivate my profile?

To delete or deactivate your profile, you have two options: 

Members can deactivate their profile directly through the settings. 

Alternatively, you can send us an email at [email protected] with your Name, Matrimony ID, contact number, and reason for deleting the profile. Our representative will then contact you to assist with the process. 

Once your profile is deactivated or disabled, you will no longer be able to contact other registered users. 

How much is the registration fee for Simple Rishta?

Registration is free at Simple Rishta. You can Register and connect with members using the free limit. When you reach the limit, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan. Your free quota refreshes every month. 

What are the different modes of payment available?

You can make online payments through credit card/debit card/net banking, and Easy Paisa facilities. 

Is it possible to visit Simple Rishta offices and make the payment, personally?

No, we provide online service. Therefore, you must pay using your bank account or Easy Paisa. 

Is online payment secure on Simple Rishta?

Yes, at Simple Rishta, online transactions are safe. 

Is my information safe on Simple Rishta?

Yes, your information is secure on Simple Rishta. We have privacy features, and different software programs that keep the information secure. 

What information does Simple Rishta verify?

Simple Rishta verifies email addresses. We ensure that the details added by users in their profiles are genuine and not fabricated. We also prevent bots from accessing the platform. Additionally, plans are underway to verify educational credentials, employment history, monthly income, addresses, and other relevant information in the near future. 

On Simple Rishta, are there only Pakistani rishtas available?

No, Simple Rishta isn’t limited to Pakistani rishtas. Individuals from various countries besides Pakistan are also registering on our platform. We welcome registrations from people of any country, religion, and nationality.

Is Simple Rishta a marriage bureau?

Simple Rishta operates as an online matrimonial platform equipped with modern tools and features. Unlike traditional marriage bureaus, parents and individuals create profiles independently. Users are required to register and initiate contact with other registered members on their own.

Why should I create an account on Simple Rishta?

Considering that we are a top-notch and trustworthy online matrimonial service that offers rishta in Pakistan and other countries. You can find a compatible match in Pakistan and abroad from the comfort of your home by registering with Simple Rishta.  

What is the procedure to register on Simple Rishta?

You can register on Simple Rishta in two ways:

  • Click on “Continue with Google” and follow the prompts.
  • Fill out the registration form. After submitting the form, you will receive a verification code via email. Check your email and use the code to verify your account. 
Can I create a Simple Rishta profile for free?

Yes, you can create a profile for free and connect with candidates using the free limit. When the limit is reached, you can upgrade to a premium plan. Your free quota refreshes monthly.

Can I create multiple accounts with the same email address?

No, multiple accounts cannot be create using the same email address. Separate email is required to verify each profile. 

How many photos can I add?

Multiple photos can be added to your profile. 

Is it required to fill out every field on the registration form?

Yes, it is required to fill out every column on the form, so that all the information is available online to the candidates and families looking for a suitable match. And they can decide whether to contact the candidate or not. 

What information is needed to create a matrimonial profile?

Your basic information, such as your family, occupation, and education. Your preferences for your partner must be added as well. Give accurate information in every field and complete the form completely. 

What are partner preferences?

In the Partner Preference section, you can describe your ideal spouse and set up your requirements. 

Can I directly contact to other members?

You cant contact registered members directly on their personal number. You must first ask for their contact details. However, you can communicate with the members by using message button provided on every profile. 

How do I access a specific profile?

You can shortlist the profiles to review them later. 

What is the purpose of having premium plans on Simple Rishta?

Premium plans on Simple Rishta prevent users from creating profiles just for passing time. We charge a small fee for access, while also offering users a monthly free limit.

What packages are available?

Currently, we are offering three packages: Starter, Basic, and Premium. You can view the pricing for each package at the following link: https://simplerishta.com/pricing/ 

Is payment acceptable in any other currency?

Currently, all payments are processed in Pakistani currency, but you can use any card in your local currency. 

If I receive no response, is there any money-back guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee offered. 

How do I contact customer service, if I need assistance with the matchmaking process?

Customer support is always given top priority by us. You are welcome to get in touch with our client service representatives by email, or through our Social Media pages and groups.  

What is profile privacy and how it works?

Privacy setting for profiles hide the full profile. Only basic information is visible to users. You must request for the candidate’s full profile. 

Do you have any WhatsApp number?

Sorry, we don’t have a WhatsApp number and we don’tprovide any services through WhatsApp.

How can people from other countries contact Simple Rishta?

You can reach us via email, or social media platforms from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you can register directly on our website.

We are running a marriage bureau. May we utilize your services?

Yes, you can use the Simple Rishta service. The terms will be clarified soon. 

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