It’s difficult to say what causes depression in a marriage, but if a relationship is unhappy, it is obvious that it can lead to depression. If your marriage is making you distressed, it is time that you start considering options to make it better. Depending on your situation, seeking guidance from a mental health professional or exploring support from an online marriage service (yes, some matrimonial websites also address these issues) can be beneficial. If left unattended, depression can devastate a marriage, but timely treatment increases the likelihood of saving your marriage. Depression impacts not only individuals but also the relationships they are involved in, such as marriage.

Factors that contribute to depression

If your marriage is making you depressed, there can be several factors contributing. At times it’s also your depression that is making your married life unhappy and difficult. While couples undoubtedly experience many disagreements that require addressing, it is equally important to actively screen them for signs of depression. This is because depression can be so toxic that it could leave the couple in despair. Several factors can contribute to marriage depression which are as follows:

1.  Codependency

Codependent relationships are lopsided. In a codependent relationship one person sacrifices (giver) for the happiness of the other (taker), even at the expense of their own happiness. Codependent relationships are quite opposite to healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial for both the parties.

2. Abusive relationship

While it may seem that abuse is rare, actually it is quite common. Especially emotional abuse. Abusive relationships also bring about the abused partner to depression. Whether you are in an abusive relationship or not, it can be found out from depression symptoms. Become aware of your symptoms. You need to get yourself out of it by changing old habits. It can take time but you have to set new boundaries and reject abuse. Your partner can take time to understand that you have shunned old habits and they will have to change now too. So, you have to be consistent in your efforts.

3. Living far away from each other

Living far away from each other leaves both the partners in a difficult situation. If there is a child it all becomes the responsibility of one parent. Moreover, it brings about misunderstandings owing to lack of communication. So long distance relationships can be a cause of depression or it can contribute to depression if you have it already.

4. Fighting

If you and your partner are fighting all the time, it becomes difficult to have a smooth life with good mental health. If there is constant fighting it can make one or both the partners feeling depressed all the time. This is so because your brain starts pumping cortisol (the stress hormone) as it feels constant danger which causes depression. These fights can cause lack of trust and communication over time. Which can result in depression.

5. Depression and Marriage

Research has discovered that individuals in challenging relationships are more prone to depression compared to those who are not.  So troubled relationships are a risk factor for depression. Some people experience depression after they get married. As marriage changes the course of life altogether, a person may take time to get acquainted with a new chapter of life and a new set of responsibilities. In this case people who have experienced depression are more likely to feel depressed after they are married as compared to people who have never been depressed before. For such people this phase is only transitory and they can adjust to their new life after some time. Your marriage can make you depressed also if you are feeling alienated and lonely. Lack of communication skills can also be a factor of causing depression.


If you think that you are depressed you need to know that it’s possible to get yourself out of this. Underneath are the steps that can guide you through this phase of your life.

1. Awareness

As depression grows quite common its awareness has also grown. What has not grown is the relationships that can be harmed by depression and how they can help fight depression. Before bringing any change in your relationship you first need to recognize your problem. Find out what is wrong in your relationship and then you will proceed to how you make amendments.

2. Set Boundaries

Once you have become aware of your problem you need to set and communicate your boundaries to your partner well. You need to tell them that their behavior is not helping and you need to break old habits and bring about a change in your life dynamics. Know that the change comes gradually and nothing happens overnight, and that you need to be steadfast in your efforts to suggest a new set of rules.

3. Discuss

Discuss with your partner so that you can both fight it back. Because your partner now understands the problem it’s easier to solve the issues from a depression perspective. This will also help consider depression as a problem and not the partner.

4. Consultation

If you experience sadness all the time, it’s important you go and see a doctor. The doctor can diagnose you with situational depression. Whatever the case, it’s important that depression gets treated. It not only affects one person but it also affects the relationships around them. So, try to become familiar with the signs and symptoms of depression.

Indeed, some matrimonial websites or online marriage service have expanded their services beyond matchmaking to provide valuable assistance with various marriage-related challenges, including addressing issues like marriage depression. These platforms recognize the importance of nurturing healthy and happy relationships and offer resources, advice, and counseling to couples facing emotional difficulties within their marriages. By leveraging the expertise of professionals and the convenience of online platforms, couples can find support and guidance to navigate through tough times and work towards strengthening their bonds, ultimately fostering happier and more resilient marriages.

5. See to the triggers

Often people think that depression is happening all the time but this is not the case. Now that you are familiar with your signs and symptoms it will be possible to look into the triggers and avoid such situations.

Wrapping Up

If your relationship is taking a toll on your self-esteem consider it an alarm for your mental health. Start considering you need a change of lifestyle with your partner. You can also consider taking help from a professional. Remember that you have to be consistent in your actions and be patient as it can take time. You can also take marriage counselling along with your partner. As you fight back depression you will feel lighter and energetic and hopeful in your marriage.

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