Everyone aspires to live in a developed, modern society. One of those nations where people want to move and settle is the United Kingdom. The simplest solution they discover is to marry a UK citizen and receive all benefits. However, locating rishta in UK is not simple, in particular if no one from your family is residing there.

In the UK, matrimonial apps and websites are widespread. However, the majority of them are dating apps. Parents in Pakistan don’t want their kids to sign up there. Because these apps are only intended for casual relationships and not for serious purposes. The easiest way to find rishta in UK is to find a matrimonial website or app and register there.

Let’s start a discussion about the difficulties the Muslim community faces when looking for rishta in the UK.

Challenges met by the Muslim community when looking for rishta in UK

Within the Muslim society in UK, the Pakistani society is rising significantly. Nowadays a lot of events are held and also an increasing number of individuals from Pakistani communities get married with folks from other nations notwithstanding from different Muslim nations. One thing that is common among them is the language barrier. As many Pakistani members can speak different varieties of Urdu dialect. Hence the fear of facing hurdles while choosing their future life partner within this foreign environment is less.

Getting married with the best partner is really a matter of concern for each and every human being in this world. It is just like a heaven feeling to live peacefully with your family without any tension. To make all these things possible one has to be a little passionate about it and make an effort.

UK being a doctrine and a multi-faith society has always opportunity and potential to attract people for life settlement in developed and metropolitan environment. Totally different communities from different regions of the planet board in the various areas of Great Britain.

Methods for searching rishta in UK

A large variety of Pakistanis conjointly reside there. Some families have settled there for generations. They’re facing tons of difficulties in getting their kids married. All modern societies face stress and strains because of the changes in family dynamics. This is particularly true where large scale immigration has brought together families from different cultures, with different values and expectations of a marital union.

Seeking rishta in gathering and events

Despite living there, parents prefer arranged marriages because they still believe that marriage is not a contract between two persons but it’s union of two families. They do not want their kids exposed to the growing dating culture. They require to keep their children away from an open atmosphere, tied their knots in a suitable family which at least meet the basic requirements of Pakistani culture.

For this purpose, they initially seek for an acceptable match in their routine gatherings and events. If they don’t find a proper match, they prefer to approach family or friends residing in their native country.

WhatsApp or Facebook Matrimony groups

There are many ways to search out an ideal rishta in UK. Though the society is extremely liberal and use of dating websites is very common. Pakistani or Indian families are in favor of early wedding to shield their kids from dating culture and such free environment. However, it is possible that you’ll meet a variety of individuals in personal relations.

One may discover a group on WhatsApp or Facebook providing Matrimony services in UK. Anyone with a smart phone and internet access can join these groups. Privacy may be a massive issue, photos and info regarding one’s son or daughter are accessible to everybody in these groups. They can misuse them.

Hence such groups aren’t a booming medium. This kind of services acquire a registration fee. As previously stated, you should be careful when choosing the group through which you register for such paid services.


One of the options for the cultured Pakistani families of UK is to approach a Matchmaker. It is tough to navigate UK through its various communities. Especially diverse Asian community of UK can be navigated only through the help of these matchmakers. They have built-in social networks that operate much more efficiently than advertising in newspapers or on groups. But they have their own pros and cons, so carefully choose a matchmaking service.

Matrimonial Websites

Online services have completely revolutionized the relationship functionality. Therefore, online matrimonial agencies with an array of services and solutions  may be availed in United Kingdom.

Simple Rishta

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Simple Rishta’s idea of matchmaking for the families searching rishta in UK is extraordinarily powerful. They allow sharing of essential information regarding the person in an easy and convenient way. The users can also get in touch with the people directly to know them better, take opinion from family and meet prospective partner and their family.

All this is possible without having to disclose your personal identity to everyone else, which definitely is a plus point. Also, which otherwise online Rishta services are lacking at this time.

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