If you live in Pakistan, you must have interacted with rishta aunties or agents at least once in your life. In every Pakistani city and colony, one may find these rishta agents. Even today, thousands of parents and families in Pakistan rely on these rishta brokers to find suitable marriage proposals for their children. However, technology has now changed people’s mindsets as they are now shifting towards digital means. Therefore, mostly people now searching for their future life partners through matrimonial websites.

Rishta Agents VS Matrimonial Websites

Rishta agents and matrimonial websites both play a role in helping individuals find suitable life partners. However, they operate in different ways and offer distinct services. Here’s a comparison of the services provided by rishta agents and matrimonial websites:

Rishta Agents

A rishta broker is a person who serves as a middleman between potential brides and grooms and their families. In order to find prospective matches depending on the interests and requirements of the customers, rishta brokers often have a network of connections and sources. Additionally, a rishta broker may coordinate meetings, talks, and procedures between the parties.

Personalized Assistance

Rishta agents often provide personalized matchmaking services. They work closely with individuals and families to understand their preferences, values, and requirements in a potential life partner.

Offline Approach

Rishta agents typically operate offline, meeting clients in person and building relationships. They may have a physical office where clients can visit for consultations.


Agents rely on their social networks and connections to find suitable matches. They may have contacts in various communities and use word of mouth to identify potential matches.

Background Checks

Some rishta agents conduct background checks on potential matches, including checking references and verifying information provided by individuals.

Counseling and Guidance

Agents may offer counseling and guidance to individuals and families, providing advice on relationship dynamics, compatibility, and other relevant aspects.

Matrimonial Websites

Matrimonial websites are online platforms that let users create profiles and look for potential mates using a variety of criteria, including geography, caste, education, career, and other factors. Most matrimonial services have a big database of profiles and provide a variety of features and tools to let users communicate, verify information, and provide feedback. Furthermore, through expert relationship managers, matrimonial websites may also offer specialized matchmaking services and assistance.

Online Platform

Matrimonial websites operate as online platforms where individuals create profiles and search for potential matches. Therefore, users can access these platforms from anywhere, providing a wide reach.

Database of Profiles

Matrimonial websites maintain extensive databases of user profiles. Users can search and filter profiles based on various criteria such as age, education, profession, and more.

User-Controlled Search

Individuals have more control over their search on matrimonial websites. So, they can actively browse through profiles, express interest, and communicate directly with potential matches.

Technology-Based Matching

Matrimonial websites often use algorithms and technology to suggest potential matches based on compatibility factors. This can help streamline the matching process.


Matrimonial websites offer a convenient and accessible way to explore potential matches without geographical constraints. Users can connect with individuals from different cities, states, or even countries.

Privacy and Anonymity

Matrimonial websites allow users to maintain a certain level of privacy and anonymity until they are comfortable sharing more details with potential matches.

Critical Considerations: Rishta Agents or Matrimony Websites

There are two distinct methods for finding a compatible spouse: rishta agents and matrimony websites. Both rishta brokers and matrimony sites have pros and cons when it comes to finding a spouse. The following are a few elements that might affect your decision between them:


Depending on the caliber and quantity of the matches available, rishta brokers may charge a fee or commission for their services. Matrimony sites may give free or paid membership plans, which may vary in terms of the users’ access and benefits.


When searching for marriage proposals, confidentiality is paramount in Pakistan. Both rishta agents and online rishta sites need to maintain privacy until both families agree to go public. However, agents may be less trustworthy, often discussing details prematurely. Matrimonial websites, on the other hand, prioritize privacy, offering security measures and controls. Therefore, users can decide to keep their information public or private, allowing for a nuanced comparison of confidentiality between agents and online platforms.


Seeking a reliable matrimonial service is crucial for finding suitable life partners. While traditional rishta agents have faced credibility issues over time, platforms like Simple Rishta ensure transparency by independently verifying candidates’ credentials. This comparison highlights the reliability difference between rishta agents and online matchmaking sites, emphasizing the importance of trustworthy information in making informed decisions.


Rishta agents involve more manual effort, leaving families to handle most tasks independently. Matrimonial websites, on the other hand, offer streamlined processes with a one-time profile creation, allowing users to easily connect with a diverse pool of potential partners. Consequently, many websites also enhance user experience through user-friendly interfaces and customer support.

Data Protection

When engaging with a rishta agent or online matchmaking site, your personal details are requested. Some are highly confidential and should never be shared. A trustworthy agent ensures your data is not misused. Similarly, a reliable matchmaking site must take advanced measures to secure your data, restricting unauthorized access. Data should be stored in a secure database, with limited profile access and information shared only with committed parents seeking life partners for their children.


Depending on their network and sources, rishta brokers may only have a small selection of matches available to them. Matrimonial websites, on the other hand, offer more possibilities and diversity for finding a mate because they may have a bigger audience and access to a huge number of profiles from other groups, backgrounds, geographies, etc.


In Pakistan, traditional and modern methods like rishta agents and online matrimonial sites are popular for finding marriage proposals. Rishta agents are prevalent in less developed regions, catering to families with limited internet access. However, the trend of online rishta searches through matrimonial websites is growing. Platforms like Simple Rishta offer a trustworthy solution, providing a vast database of verified profiles across various criteria for finding a sincere life partner.