After registering on Simple Rishta and creating your profile, the next step involves browsing through candidate profiles to find someone who matches your preferences. When you’ve found that special someone, starting a chat can feel both thrilling and a bit daunting. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you make that first message memorable and meaningful.

With some simple tips and etiquettes, you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with confidence and charm. So, let’s get started on crafting that perfect opening message! 

Using Provided Buttons Effectively 

We understand the excitement of getting to know someone new. However, on Simple Rishta, we have features like “Shortlist,” “Image Request,” and “Contact Request” for a reason. These buttons allow you to express your interest appropriately and at the same time give the other person control over their information. Therefore, avoid directly asking for photos or contact details in the chat box. 

Provided Buttons

Craft a Thoughtful Message 

First impressions matter online just as much as they do in person. Instead of just sending a generic “hi” or “hello,” take a moment to look through their profile. Did you notice something interesting? Maybe you share a common institute, hometown, or caste? Mentioning these shared connections is a fantastic way to break the ice and spark a conversation. For Example, if you both went to the same school or live in the same city. Asking about more details can start a good conversation. 

Remember, first messages set the tone for your interaction. Keep your approach friendly and enthusiastic. Moreover, briefly share something about yourself that relates to their profile or adds context to your message. 

Finally, before hitting send, double-check your message for any typos or grammatical errors. A polished message creates a positive impression! 

Examples of Good First Message 

  1. “Hi, I noticed your profile! How do you envision the timing for marriage? Do your parents typically decide on such matters?” 
  2. “I see we’re from the same caste. Are you open to considering marriage outside of our caste?” 
  3. “Hey there, fellow Karachiite! Is Karachi your hometown too?” 

What to Avoid 

  1. Short, generic messages like “Hi,” “How are you?” or “Interested?” These don’t show much effort and don’t lead to meaningful conversation. 
  2. Avoid being negative, complaining, or diving into overly personal topics in your first message. 

What to Avoid 

Avoid Asking for Basic Information 

Don’t rush into asking for photos or contact information right at the start. The main goal, after all, is to understand each other better, not simply to exchange basic details like images or contact information. You can easily find that info on their profile. Instead, focus on talking about things that aren’t listed on their profile, like their interests and family involvement in this process. 

Be Genuine and Respectful 

Don’t seem too pushy or fake.  Let your personality shine through in a friendly and genuine way. Additionally, respect the boundaries of the person you’re messaging. For example, avoid pressuring them to share personal information they’re not comfortable with. Instead of generic greetings, ask open-ended questions that show you’ve looked at their profile. This way, you’re building a connection based on their interests. 

Engage in Conversation 

After you’ve sent the first message, keep the chat going by asking open-ended questions and really listening to what they say. For instance, you could inquire about their experiences, dreams, and opinions. Remember, it’s not just about talking but also about paying attention to what they share. 

Go Slowly

Don’t rush things; it takes time to make a connection. Instead, enjoy the process of getting to know someone new and take advantage of the chance to gradually learn more about each other. In the meantime, refrain from assuming anything or drawing judgments too quickly. 

Respect Response Times 

Recognize that everyone’s commitments and schedules are unique. Therefore, don’t get upset if the other person doesn’t answer right away. Instead, allow them enough time and room to respond at their own leisure. 

Express Your Interest in Proceeding

If things are going well and you think the candidate has an interest in you, you may suggest sharing contact details with family members or scheduling a video conference to talk in person. 

Remember that starting up a conversation is just the first step towards a possible relationship. Above all, remember to enjoy yourself while getting to know someone new and be true to yourself. With these suggestions, we hope you may confidently and easily explore the exciting world of online matchmaking. We wish you luck as you search for life partner on Simple Rishta. 

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