If you live in Pakistan, you must have interacted with rishta aunties or agents at least once in your life. In every Pakistani city and colony, one may find these rishta agents. Even today, thousands of parents and families in Pakistan rely on these rishta brokers to find suitable marriage proposals for their children. However, technology has now changed people’s mindsets as they are now shifting towards digital means. Mostly people now searching for their future life partners through matrimonial websites.

Most of the parents are concerned about the credibility of online rishta sites. In this context, the following article explains how to measure the efficiency of finding marriage proposals from rishta aunties and matrimonial websites.

Rishta Agents:

A rishta broker is a person who serves as a middleman between potential brides and grooms and their families. In order to find prospective matches depending on the interests and requirements of the customers, rishta brokers often have a network of connections and sources. Additionally, a rishta broker may coordinate meetings, talks, and procedures between the parties.

Matrimonial Websites:

Matrimonial websites are online platforms that let users create profiles and look for potential mates using a variety of criteria, including geography, caste, education, career, and other factors. Most matrimonial services have a big database of profiles and provide a variety of features and tools to let users communicate, verify information, and provide feedback. Through expert relationship managers, matrimonial websites may also offer specialized matchmaking services and assistance.

Rishta Agent vs Matrimonial websites:

There are two distinct methods for finding a compatible spouse: rishta agents and matrimonial websites. Both rishta brokers and matrimony sites have pros and cons when it comes to finding a spouse. The following are a few elements that might affect your decision between them:

1. Cost:

Depending on the caliber and quantity of the matches available, rishta brokers may charge a fee or commission for their services. Matrimony sites may give free or paid membership plans, which may vary in terms of the users’ access and benefits.

2. Confidentiality:

The most important thing you need when searching for suitable marriage proposals is confidentiality. No one in Pakistan wants to disclose the details between two families until both agree to announce publicly. Likewise, rishta agents and online rishta sites must maintain confidentiality and respect your privacy.

Rishta brokers or agents appear to be less trustworthy when it comes to maintaining the privacy of two families. Even when the contract is not yet complete, they frequently talk about the specifics with other individuals. They have less privacy and confidentiality as they may disclose user’s personal details or photos to anyone without their consent.

In contrast, matrimonial websites maintain the privacy of the situation and do not disclose any information without the families’ permission. They provide security measures and privacy controls to safeguard the users’ data. The user has the option to make his information public or private. So, you may compare the level of confidentially took on by rishta agents and online rishta sites to examine the results.

3. Reliability:

Everyone looks for a trusted and reliable source of matrimonial services to find suitable marriage proposals. Although rishta agents have been helping individuals search for their future life partners for years, they have lost their credibility with time. Some rishta agents often conceal or exaggerate the candidates’ information for their personal interests. Once the truth comes out, the marriages break up in divorce, which depresses the parents.

On the other hand, trusted matchmaking sites like Simple Rishta use independent means to verify the candidates’ credentials. Families only see real profiles, which allow them to choose the ideal companions for their children according to their own choices.
The comparison of the reliability of the information given by rishta aunties and online rishta sites can help you measure results between these two methods.

4. Convenience:

Rishta brokers offer less convenience and help for the customers. Since families or candidates must do the majority of the duties and paperwork necessary to identify and finalize a match on their own. In contrast, matrimonial websites may require less time and effort from consumers. User simply needs to create their profile once. After that, they may immediately communicate with other users and find partners from a large pool. In order to help the consumers, several matrimony websites additionally provide user-friendly interfaces and customer assistance.

5. Data Protection:

When you approach a rishta aunty or online rishta site, you are asked your personal details. Some of those details are highly confidential that must never be shared with any other person.
A reliable rishta agent is the one who never gives your details or misuses your data for illegal purposes.

Likewise, a trusted matchmaking site must take advanced steps to restrict outsiders’ from stealing your data without your consent. To guarantee data privacy, it must be kept in a secure database. Moreover, the website must block direct access to user-profiles and the information should be shared with those parents only who are serious about finding future life partners for their children.

6. Diversity:

Depending on their network and sources, rishta brokers may only have a small selection of matches available to them. Matrimonial websites, on the other hand, offer more possibilities and diversity for finding a mate because they may have a bigger audience and access to a huge number of profiles from other groups, backgrounds, geographies, etc.


Several traditional and modern means are available in Pakistan to search for suitable marriage proposals. Among them, rishta agents and online rishta sites are two widely used methods. The former method is very common among conservative families from less developed regions of Pakistan that have limited internet access.
Nevertheless, the trend of finding rishta online with matrimonial websites is becoming common in Pakistan. These websites help their users search for loyal spouses according to their preferences while maintaining confidentiality.