If you live in Pakistan, you must have interacted with rishta aunties at least once in your life. These female rishta agents can be found in every city and colony across Pakistan. Even today, thousands of parents and families in Pakistan rely on these rishta aunties to find suitable marriage proposals for their children.

However, technology has now changed people’s mindsets as they are now shifting towards digital means and searching for their future life partners through matchmaking or rishta Pk sites. But most of the parents are concerned about the credibility of online rishta sites.

In this context, the following article explains how to measure the efficiency of finding marriage proposals from rishta aunties and matrimonial websites.


The most important thing you need when searching for suitable marriage proposals is confidentiality. No one in Pakistan wants to disclose the details between two families until both agree to announce publicly. Likewise, rishta aunties and online rishta sites must maintain confidentiality and respect your privacy.

It has been observed that rishta aunties are less reliable when it comes to the confidentiality of two families. They often discuss the details with other people even when the deal is still in process. Conversely, matchmaking sites keep the matter confidential and do not leak any details without the families’ consent.

Hence, you can analyze the output by comparing the extent of confidentiality maintained by rishta aunties and online rishta sites.


Everyone looks for a trusted and reliable source of matrimonial services to find suitable marriage proposals. Although rishta aunties have been helping individuals search for their future life partners for years, they have lost their credibility with time. Some rishta agents often conceal or exaggerate the candidates’ information for their personal interests. Once the reality is exposed, the marriages end in divorce causing mental depression for parents.

On the other hand, trusted matchmaking sites like Simple Rishta use independent means to verify the candidates’ credentials. Only verified profiles are shared with families to help them find ideal spouses for their children according to their individual preferences.
The comparison of the reliability of the information given by rishta aunties and online rishta sites can help you measure results between these two methods.


When you approach a rishta aunty or online rishta site, you are asked your personal details. Some of those details are highly confidential that must never be shared with any other person.
A reliable rishta aunty is the one who never gives your details or misuses your data for illegal purposes. Likewise, a trusted matchmaking site must take advanced steps to restrict outsiders’ from stealing your data without your consent. The data must be stored in a highly secured database to ensure data privacy. Moreover, the website must block direct access to user-profiles and the information should be shared with those parents only who are serious about finding future life partners for their children.


Several traditional and modern means are available in Pakistan to search for suitable marriage proposals. Among them, rishta aunties and online rishta sites are two widely used methods. The former method is very common among conservative families from less developed regions of Pakistan that have limited internet access.
Nevertheless, the trend of finding rishta online with matchmaking sites is becoming common in Pakistan. These websites help their users search for loyal spouses according to their preferences while maintaining confidentiality.

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