Weddings are a one-time thing in everyone’s life. So, every person has a dream of making their most awaited day more special by arranging the best planners, decorations, outfits, and meals. But the budget can cause you a little problem if you don’t check on it. We will never suggest you to compromise on a wedding by displaying something that looks like they put up cheap things together. However, saving on wedding home decoration is a great way to keep your budget in check.   

Wedding home decoration is the heart of a wedding event. Without decor, a wedding cannot be a wedding and a home cannot look like a wedding house. Prices and Inflation rates are rising day by day.  All are concerned about doing the wedding on a decided budget. By taking our tips for cost-efficient wedding home decoration ideas, you can make your place heaven in the least amount and under the decided budget. 

Therefore, make a budget first. Then speak with your wedding planner or the person in charge of organizing the wedding. Take your pick from the suggestions below that are both affordable and appropriate for your location. 

Here are the cost-efficient wedding home decoration ideas that will make your special day more memorable:  


The wedding decoration depends on the location you have decided for the venue.  

A gorgeous location is key for a lavish wedding. Choose places like a botanical garden, art gallery or countryside as these locations are cheap and need a little decoration so you can save some money. If you decide to host your wedding at home, it is both very affordable and relaxing. Because you don’t need to exert additional effort to transport guests a long distance. Decorating can be done for less money. Online resources for wedding home decoration are plentiful. 

Find items from home

From decorative things to rugs, there are many personalized decor elements found in the home, that can represent yourself and can preserve the wedding budget. Collect things like an old antique chest, copper utensils, a gramophone, etc to feel your wedding like “you”.  

Floating Umbrellas

If your home or the venue you have decided for the wedding is small, then gather colourful umbrellas from your relatives and neighbours and draw attention upward by adding lace umbrellas to the ceiling. Or hang them on tree branches or add strings to attach them on the rooftop for a magical look.

A Flowery photo backdrop

The main concern of the wedding decoration is to make your photo background lush and classy. For this, save money and got red roses or carnations and tie them in long strings to attach individually and collectively on the walls or branches or ceiling threads for an elegant view and romantic vibes.

Use Fairy lights

String lights or fairy lights are a part of every wedding decoration and are easily available at a cheap rate. You can use these lights to wrap around the poles and tables of the venue or simply at the home gate or doors to give a rustic theme and a good backdrop for photos. You can also modify this idea by creating curtain string lights to make the wedding bright as your future.  

Hand-made photo props

Backdrops are good for creating wedding photos but to make it fun, photo booth props can be used. This is also the trend of current weddings where the bride, groom, and guests are given different props to make the photo memorable. This is a fun and affordable wedding decoration or reception idea.  

Small Chalkboards

The sign boards at weddings are a new thing and using small blackboards as signboards is a unique thing. Buy small chalkboards and place them in different places with small messages in good calligraphy to get attention. The messages can be “Welcome”, “here is your table”, “this place is for a bride”, “Wedding bells” etc. This is a cool and pocket-friendly wedding home decoration idea. 

Mirrors for rustic and natural aesthetic

Do something different and use mirrors for your wedding home decoration. A vintage mirror adds luxury to an ordinary wedding setting. You can also write a message with a golden marker to give a rustic and natural aesthetic look to your wedding. You can also stick the decal plywood or use stencils to paint your wording.   

Upcycled trunks

Use large or small vintage suitcases artfully to hold cards, drinks, and photos. If not, then fill these trunks with flowers and surround them with candles for a romantic and classical Photoshoot.  

White Paper Lanterns

Decided on the venue but now all you can see are bare walls and roofs with one or two poles and nothing more. Here’s a solution that will go with your budget: a white paper lantern. Make your wedding decoration eco-friendly by using white paper lanterns that are reusable and will give an expensive and cultured look.  

Ribbon Chair decorations

Affordable chair decoration can be challenging because you need it in large numbers. Make the chair decoration simple and inexpensive by buying ribbons and tying them on the chair head or arm. That will go well with the whimsical decor and will give an earthy vibe.  

Use food as a table setting

Save your money by using food to decorate the tables instead of expensive table center pieces. This idea of wedding decoration of table is becoming popular day by day. Decorate the table with a bread basket, water bottles, fruit, or a sweet bowl to indulge your guests in the ceremony.  

Colorful balloons

No one wants a plain wedding, most of them add different things as decoration to add a touch of glory to the wedding. But if someone had a tight budget then colorful balloons could be used. Well, this is not an expensive opinion but still gives that vibrant feel.  

No matter what theme you have decided on or what budget you have set, there’s affordable décor for different themes and budgets. Although wedding planners or your housemates will be doing all the wedding work, you can still suggest your ideas for decoration. With the ideas given above, we are expecting you to create a picture-perfect wedding.  

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