While so much has changed in terms of norms, customs, and politics of the country. The Pakistani people’s quest for a doctor bahu has not changed. Although it continues to be elusive. The quest for a doctor bride has taken over the urge of a tall and fair bride for many decades now. Not to say that the demand for tall and fair is getting low. However, the doctor bride receives preference over other desirable qualities due to her merely having a degree. 

Obsession for doctor bahu

To flaunt Doctor Bahu at kitty parties is a major motivation behind the obsession with obtaining a doctor’s rishta. Also, the charm that title “Dr.” brings to wedding invitation cards.  

Most of the doctor Bahus manufactured at medical colleges all over the country. They ultimately become wives and mothers while giving up being a doctor. Given the fact that 70 percent of medical students in Pakistan are females. We lose more than half of this talent to the enigma of prioritizing marriage life over professional life.
In a country where health care is inaccessible to millions. The non-practicing doctors take away the chances to study, contribute, and earn. from those who would have put their education to better use. This present situation is a result of the mentality. Which supports professional education for women solely for dowry purposes. Rather than for its practical applications. 

Considering that doctors got a perfect rishta  

According to a report, over 85000 female doctors with most of them taking a degree at the expense of government and taxpayer money, do not become part of the medical workforce. Apart from pressure from families, many female medicine students themselves abandon the idea of being a professional doctor once they accomplish their goal of perfect Rishta.  

The only hope that they keep from their degree is the proud moment when their in-laws introduce them to their relatives always mentioning that their Bahu is a doctor.  Other proud moments for them are the instances when distant relatives of your in-laws call you to ask for a medicine-related query or a second opinion on their prescription or diagnosis.  

Doctor bahu, a sign of prestige 

A doctor bahu is a sign of prestige and self-importance in our society. Most searches for “BAHU” begin with that person as the target. Everything else will be history as soon as mothers find a doctor bahu. This choice is influenced by a variety of factors, including how household chores are handled, the workplace, and the unwillingness of the husband and wife to make concessions.  

We cannot rule out the possibility that some girls chose to leave their careers voluntarily. Sometimes because of obligations to their families after marriage or just because they did not want to. They simply say goodbye to the oath they took on that day. A special day in their lives—after exhausting medical studies. 

Doctor Bahu, however, represents more than just a status symbol for some families; she also represents a person who has the opportunity to work and earn a sizable income. Doctor brides who keep working after getting married are generally expected to respond to inquiries about their income versus the number of clinics they visit. For the sake of the degree they hold, they are also expected to have exceptional skills in kitchen, providing hygienic homemade food, and ensuring the ideal upbringing of their children. In other words, finding the perfect doctor Rishta is just as difficult as being the ideal doctor Bahu.  

Being a doctor is quite a catch in Pakistani Matrimonial. The purpose of this blog is to directly address everyone looking for a doctor bahu, rather than to discuss the benefits or drawbacks of being a doctor. 

The path to a medical education is a protracted one. It needs consideration, effort, time, and most importantly, money. You are free to disagree with us, but keep in mind that this is an investment, and the sole purpose of any investment is to generate a profit. Return, not just for yourself but also for the good of the nation.  

People who demand doctor bahu are therefore beyond our comprehension. If an educated bahu’s knowledge is useless, what is the point of having one? All of the expertise and abilities acquired through difficult training deteriorate. Because the diploma is kept in a drawer or hung on the wall. 

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