Marriages are easy to think about and complex to live in. Happy marriages do exist but a lot of effort is behind them. Today Simple Rishta has gathered all the tips from other’s wedding life experiences to give you the best marriage advices.

We need to know something before continuing;

What elements of a marriage are most crucial?


What factors influence a happy marriage?

Learn these tips to fulfil relationship by heart and it will help you throughout your journey of matrimonial life. 

Here are some powerful marriage advices for making your marital life happy

Marriage advice #1 Being supportive of one another

Supporting one another through thick and thin is the best lesson for a happy-go-lucky marriage. Being supportive of your spouse means listening to him or her, caring for them, and being their backup in difficult times.

Being supportive of each other in a marriage is important as it builds trust which is required throughout the long ride of life. It is important to show support so your spouse knows he or she has a back to rely on. Having someone to rely on is the most peaceful feeling to have in a relationship. It will give you a sense of confidence to voice out right or wrong.

Marriage advice #2 Don’t let silence take place in your relationship

One of the best pieces of marriage advices is “Don’t let silence take place in your relationship.” Cutting off each other or isolating yourself or silencing your thoughts is the beginning of the death of a matrimony relationship.

Communication is important to let your thoughts out for your spouse to listen. Bottling up your insecurities or complaints about your relationship will push you to a stage where sudden outbursts will happen which can cause more damage to your relationship.

If you and your spouse are having trouble in paradise then voice it out. And if you can’t do this then write it in text format and send it. Don’t assume that he or she will be able to listen to your silence or read your mind.

Nothing will be solved until you express it.

Marriage advice #3 Having different hobbies are much needed

Having individual Hobbies is needed in a marriage to make the boredom disappear. After marriage brides and grooms put a full stop to their hobbies to dedicate time to each other, which is not a bad deed. But the time comes when you want to spend your time with yourself or when you are in some disagreement. In these possibilities, having a different hobby is good to focus on yourself and to divert your mind from marriage troubles.

Having different hobbies will help you learn to appreciate each other’s choices, strengthen your ability to compromise, and find ways to be on the exact page.

Marriage advice #4 Recognize your flaws and work on them

Having conflicts in a Marriage is a common thing because when two people of different natures tend to live together, minor fights will occur to save them from major blocks.

No one knows you better than yourself and a good human is one, who recognizes his or her flaws by themselves. If you are having arguments again and again, then open your third eye and see who is at fault. And before pointing out your spouse’s flaws, make a list of yours too, and work on it. This is the technique that will help you not put all blame on your better half. As both hands needed to clap, both had faults for fights too.

Marriage advice #5 Learn to walk through tough times

Another wise piece of marriage advices for couples is to “learn to walk through difficult times.” Ups and downs are a part of every relationship. The first year of every marriage is hard because of the new environment and new relationship. But everyone should learn things about how to walk through tough times.

Tough times or the bumpy ride of marriage life is a short period just like autumn. It will not last long but your approach toward your partner in that time will always remain craved in their hearts.

If you’re having a tough time in your married life then the first lesson is to remain cool. Don’t outburst on your spouse, talk to him or her, listen to them and come up on a page to deal with everything smoothly. Losing calm in hard times is the worst thing to occur. So work on this.

Marriage advice #6 Think of your spouse as a friend, not an enemy

Every person needs proper counselling from their parents or friends to teach them that their spouse is going to be their better half. He or she had to share everything with his spouse. All their hard and happy times are going to be with him or her so they should be friends with each other to go with the smooth flow of life.

Some people think that talking about their family matters (extended family) with their spouse is a big no or talking about businesses or bank accounts with your spouse is taboo.

This is wrong, he or she is your mate, not an enemy, they came to share life with you so why not let them take their place?

Marriage advice #7 Respect your in-laws as you do to your parents

The last piece of marriage advices is to treat your in-laws with the same respect that you do your parents. If you want to win your spouse’s heart then accept his or her parents. It doesn’t matter if you cook or not, if you have degrees or not, if you can manage a house or not, it is all okay until you begin to bad mouth your in-laws to your partner.

He or she is your spouse but before that he or she is the son and daughter of their parents. If you think you can let them forget about your parents or you can wrap them around your fingers then you are on the wrong page.

Giving respect and embracing your in-laws as you do to your parents is the only way of conquering your spouse.

Moreover, an elderly couple is important in a house to guide you through your relationship. Take them as your mentor; seek guidance from them and love from your partner.

Every person learns lessons from their own experience. Difficulty is the part of every relationship, your approach to grip the situation matters the most. Stay Calm and Stay Safe.

As we come to a close with this topic, let us ask you a few questions;

  1. What marriage advices from your elders has been the best?
  2. Do you believe marriage advices are effective?

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