Marriage life truly began two months after the marriage day. In the initial days of marriage, nothing is practical, you’ll be busy showing affection, care, love, and enjoying dates. But slowly you may begin to know that married life is not always a fairy-tale. People’s marriage psychology changes from time to time, depending on the situations they are facing or living in.   

Complications are a part of every married life, saying that someone’s marriage life has been a spring story is surely unreal to hear. We have written many blogs about complications in married life or how to make your married life more entertaining, you can read them on our website.   

Some people are confused about what married life looks like. Many men and women marriage psychology say that marriage is nothing but years of compromise where you have to spend all your life like a puppet to your spouse. Some say that marriage is nothing but a sweet punishment of doing house chores and bringing up children.  

Today Simple Rishta has come back with a new blog to change people’s marriage psychology. We are going to tell you the signs of healthy connections that are important for every marriage to survive. Adopting these tips and signs, the marriage will not become a bother to you. Note these and evaluate if you are enjoying a successful marriage.  

Here are seven characteristics of a successful marriage 

1. Strong Communication

Expressing thoughts and feelings in well-chosen words is referred to as strong communication. Conveying your feelings and thoughts respectfully and effectively without placing blame upon them is key. 

Open and good communication with your spouse is one of the most important things in a marriage. If you and your spouse have poor or no communication, you might have noticed that there is some trouble in paradise because we can’t live in a relationship without expressing our thoughts.  

Good communication includes talking without abusive, hurting, and angry words. Marriage psychology says that Communication in anger is the same as lighting a fire in a deep forest.  

Once you and your spouse start confronting each other with anger, tension, and hostility, it will cause communication to fail and a lack of listening and understanding to occur.  

Most of the communication damage occurs because of pursue-withdraw thoughts. One pushes or ignores the other for attention while others are drawn to or unable to communicate.  

2. A Respect

In a relationship, Respect is an act of accepting a person despite his talent, abilities, or beauty. Respect in a relationship means abiding somebody for who they are, even when they are different from you. (You can also check our blog about the importance of respect on our website )

Respect is like a mirror, the more you show it to your partner, the more they reflect it.  

Remember one thing, in a relationship, Respect is earned. It is not something to assess someone.  

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. Love is like the weather, in some areas of life, it’s going to be cheerful and fair. At some stage, it is going to be gentle and cold. And in some situations, it will be like a tornado. But if the partners have an attitude of respect toward each other, then you can easily pass this tornado of life because Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship 

3. Honesty And Trust

Honesty and Trust are the indicators of knowing whether your marriage is on the right track or not.  

Your Honesty is the initial pillar of a strong marriage. Being honest with your spouse by telling him or her about each and everything may work like ball bearings to rotate the wheel of your marriage life efficiently.  

Having the ability to trust your spouse without hesitation is one of the best feelings. Knowing that your spouse is trustworthy and faithful to you produces peace and satisfaction in your marriage. Once trust is broken, it can be hard to build it back up. However, do not lose hope if that is the case for your marriage. Marriage psychology reveals that Depicting remorse and making an effort to show your spouse that you care about them and want the marriage to work is a good first step in building back trust. 

4. Quality time

Quality time plays the role of fertiliser in a marriage relationship which nurtures the feelings and sparks to make it grow.  

Making your marriage successful. It takes time to grow and understand each other. 

We live in a world that runs on quick results. We don’t want to invest in something if the result isn’t showing in nominal to no time. This isn’t the same with relationships, and this is not how to have a successful marriage life. 

Understanding the deepest thoughts of another human is tricky and can only be done over an extended period. 

Spending quality time and making each other feel special by devoting a good amount of time just talking is one of the best things a person can do for their partner. Not only is that a good habit but also one of the most appreciated qualities of a healthy marriage. 

5. Healthy solution to conflicts

It is unimaginable for couples to not get into quarrels or controversies as it is a part of sharing your life with someone else. But the characteristics of a successful marriage include the ability to handle these conflicts healthily and smoothly. 

If a couple openly discusses and respectfully resolves conflicts, they have a better chance of letting their love grow deeper. It will improve their interpersonal understanding and assure they can handle situations together.  

6. Love

Marriage psychology explains the fact that love is an important ingredient of a delicious marriage.  

Marriage without love is like eating tasteless but edible food. Most people confuse attraction with love. Love is not a short-lived feeling, unlike what every internet show tells us and every other romance novel. 

Emotions don’t last long, but the real decision is whether you stay faithful to your love eternally or not. When things are satisfactory, commitment is easy, but people tend to leave as soon as things get hard. 

Instead, they should stay through the hard times as well. Love evolves a mindful decision to support your loved one when you choose to stay through thick and thin 

Your heart will tell you whether your marriage is successful or not. A successful marriage needs time and effort; sometimes you have to compromise and sometimes you need to let it go. And sometimes you have to kill your self-ego. All these efforts will never go in vain. The outcome of all efforts you put into making a marriage successful will be worth seeing.  

This was all from today’s blog post. We hope to succeed in changing the marriage psychology of you all. Marriage is beautiful if we know the basic tips and tricks of survival.  

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