None of us had imagined how long COVID 19 will persist when it first began to invade our social life and mental wellbeing. During this COVID 19 dilemma, planning a wedding has become far more difficult in many ways yet it has brought along ease and less hassle unlike earlier ways of planning weddings. The uncertainty of what might happen next in terms of lockdown and government regulation pertaining to weddings works as a stress enhancer for the families involved in weddings. Nevertheless, finding a hobby that can be pursued within virus-safe boundaries can help a great deal in diverting your mind from stressors, and focus on things you must do to make your lockdown wedding a great memory to cherish for life. Now that traditionally ravishing weddings have been transformed into small family gatherings making the most out of them require less effort yet more care. Following are some tips that will help you plan a swift wedding amidst COVID 19 situation.

Invite fewer Guests

Coronavirus is a legit excuse for inviting only close family members and omitting distant relatives, friends, and acquaintances as the safety of your loved ones comes first. Most people have embraced not getting invites from weddings outside their close families and do not make an issue out of it anymore. Avoid inviting elderly people, kids, and people with underlying conditions that lead to low immunity for the sake of their own safety. If you are so concerned about upsetting the closest ones of them, send them a live stream of the wedding to make them feel involved. You can also have them delivered your wedding feast to top it.

Send Virtual Invites

Following the traditional way of distributing invitation cards physically is a big no for lockdown weddings. Make use of technology i.e. social media apps and digital communication methods to send your wedding invites. This does not only save you from contracting the virus but also save some trees from becoming the raw material for producing those high-quality invitation cards.

Practice Social Distancing

Wear a mask and keep some extra for guests who are not wearing masks for any reason. Tell them it’s for their own safety to keep it nice and courteous. Place sanitizer on every table and entrance and avoid handshakes and hugs. Use outdoor spaces and make sure you maintain a reasonable distance in seating arrangements.

Cut down on pre-wedding events

Most of our traditional weddings comprise of a series of smaller events celebrated days before the final day of the wedding. Be cautious in adding unnecessary events like Haldi Mayun, Mehndi, Qawwali night, etc., and jump straight to your wedding day. You need to be alive to attend your big day.


Now that you have successfully planned a safe wedding by cutting off on various things, you can spend your money on improving your menu, hiring a quality photographer, and buying a special gift for your spouse-to-be. Remember that simplicity is the highest level of sophistication.

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