Planning a wedding comes with anxiety, stress, and mixed emotions about your decision to get married. You may also find yourself anxious and sleep-deprived which is perfectly normal and not a signal that you are committing a mistake. All these are the symptoms of pre-wedding jitters that can be cured with proven remedies. Let’s have a brief look at symptoms of pre-wedding jitters and some remedies to cure them.

You Experience Mood Swings

Couples whose wedding days are approaching close experience mood swings that make them believe they won’t be able to handle the life ahead. As most of their time is spent planning the wedding day involves a lot of stress-inducing work like logistics, venue and décor arrangements, a large sum of money, and a constant flow of unsolicited advice. In some cases, conflicts also arise between couples and families due to compromises and adjustments that come along the way. The best way to counter all these issues is to have them resolved by raisings concerns followed and resolving them through discussion. This will help you hone you conflict resolution skills you will need later.

You Feel Indecisive

As soon as your wedding is finalized, you get to hear a lot of comments from friends and family about your decision to get married. People will keep on telling you their perspective as to you are getting married too early or too late, some will tell you that you’ve made a hasty decision, and some will also comment on your choice of partner. All the comments that question your decision to get married will make you feel indecisive about your future planning. However, it is important to remember that only confident and committed couples enjoy success in their relationship.

You May Have Sleepless Nights

Some wedding-related anxiety can turn out to be healthy as it pushes you to take concrete actions when it comes to making wedding arrangements. When anxiety becomes extreme and one starts obsessing over something to the extent of losing sleep over apprehensions about wedding dress or venue, it starts affecting your health and social life. This type of anxiety can be treated by talking it out with your close friends and family members. If you are fretting over things related to your future spouse or in-laws, it’s better to discuss those matters with your fiancé and seek a solution. Remember that wedding is once in a lifetime thing and these beautiful moments should not be spoiled by overthinking. Focusing on your mental and emotional wellbeing will set things right on their own in a natural manner. The best way to solve most difficult of issues is by staying calm and composed which is only possible if you are in a positive mental state.

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