The values and norms of the culture play a significant role in the decision to choose a life partner. A study on shifting trends in potential life partner selection in Pakistan shows that cultural norms and values significantly influence what considers appropriate. Online rishta sites are however, playing an increasingly important role in the selection of life partners in Pakistan.

Marriage is a celebration that holds a special place in people’s hearts in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, arranged marriages are the norm rather than the exception. The first step in arranging a marriage is to look for suitable brides and grooms through various channels.

When it comes to the selection of a life partner, parents play an important role. Whether the setup is fully arranged or otherwise, unless they are outrightly against the marriage. Some parents would want the matter entirely in their own hands. While others can be more broadminded and consider their child’s preference too.

When choosing a life partner, it is important to listen to your heart as well as your head. Of course, falling in love with someone is crucial. However, because you intend to spend the rest of your life with this person, you should also consider some practical considerations.

In this case, the online rishta model is ideal for both. Create a profile as parents or as the candidate. They can discuss proposals and make contact with mutual agreement and discussion.

Matchmaking takes place according to various standards in every society. Some people prefer education, others do not want their children to marry outside of their caste. And some religious people search for a family that leans religiously. It additionally serves as important that both parties have comparable financial standing. In our culture, family marriages are significant. Because they act as a way to strengthen family ties. Whichever the criteria, the purpose is that the boy and the girl are mentally mature enough to start a practical life.

Selection of a Life Partner in Pakistan: Discussion and Analysis is the subject of our discussion today. Points below discuss on what criteria candidates choose for a life partner. Whether by their parents or by themselves, along with a brief analysis of the events that follow. Stay with us as we also compare finding a match using traditional methods versus online rishta searches.

Matchmaking Preferences in Pakistan

Matchmaking preferences in Pakistan vary depending on the individual and their family.


Educated people have always prioritized their life partner on good Education. While an educative boy can enjoy good social standing in society, girls’ education now appears to be even more crucial. Education refines a person’s personality. So, it is more common to have educated daughter-in-laws. Unfortunately, the gol roti phenomenon also prevails where girl’s education only remains something to boast about.

There are some people who want educated and working ladies to add up to their income. While husband and wife can reach a mutual decision to manage the income, if need be. Some husbands or in-laws would exert their full right on the wife’s or daughter in law’s income. Which is totally unjust.


Some religious people would want a match for their son or daughter with a religious background. Islam also advices Muslims to prefer religion over all other worldly things. Choosing a life partner on religious bases can prove tricky at times. Because there are many for whom religion means prayer and fasting and remain unaware of its true essence.

It’s not necessary that the one who performs religious rituals regularly is also fair in their dealings. There is a trend that when we see someone regular in their rituals, we start putting blind trust in them, the very reason some people can use religion to manipulate others. So be mindful. Using religion as the “only” criterion when judging someone is sometimes deceptive.

It is admirable to want to marry into a religiously compatible family. But if you want to marry off your son or daughter to them, you must take the same precautions you would with any other family.

Marriage inside Family and Caste

Although with growing awareness people’s mindsets have undergone a change regarding marrying in their families or casts only. But still some people will prefer one caste over the other or family over outsiders. The idea that the family should support marriages for any of the sons, preferably the older son, also holds sway. Regardless of the decision, the consent of both the girl and the boy deserves to be valuable.

Finding a match: Online Rishta Searches vs Traditional Methods

This life partner hunt is done in different ways. The ladies of the house are the active members. The tradition is that the girl’s home is visited by the boy’s family to see whether it could be a match. Apparently, it looks fine but if done in a respectful manner. Some typical male supremacy-oriented ladies also use this to demean the girl by examining her from top to bottom or show from their speech how kind they are to have offered their son’s hand in marriage.

Some ladies can play with the girl’s or their family’s emotions to the extent that it becomes a way of having a tea party even when they are not serious about someone as a candidate for their son. Such practices are however under the fire too every now and then because of growing awareness and we can also see a change coming through.

The social norms of matchmaking services are evolving in Pakistan from rishta aunties — who charge a fee — to online rishta platforms that are more accessible and affordable.

Online Rishta websites have replaced this aunty search in a more respectful fashion. They work in a manner that can exclude such embarrassing situations and provide other reasonable ways to find the match on your favorite grounds without bringing embarrassment to any party.  For example, having all the important information of the candidates along with the picture of the candidate offers a lot before you pop into someone’s home.

Simple rishta has made progress. They not only offer an online platform, but they also use various verification procedures to confirm the credibility of users. At simple rishta, assistance is offered during every step of the process, including registration, profile creation, and connecting with potential matches.

So, if you’re persuaded, register and create your profile at Simple rishta one of the top Pakistani online rishta sites.

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