The role of a marriage bureau in any country is to help people find their life partners. They do this by providing a platform where people can create profiles and search for potential partners based on their preferences.  Marriage bureau also offers additional services such as profile matching, chatting, video calling, privacy settings, search filters, and verification.

Even though the following factors make marriage bureaus unpopular in some countries:

  • They have become out of date.
  • They are thought of as a last option.
  • They are seen as a sign of desperation.
  • They are seen as a sign of failure.
  • They are time-consuming.
  • They can be costly.
  • The authenticity of the proposals by the marriage bureau is unsure.

Services offered by an online marriage bureau

Here are some services offered by online marriage bureaus:

1. Profile Creation

Users can create a detailed profile with personal information, pictures, and preferences. An online marriage bureau gives a chance to candidates to express their thoughts about the qualities and traits they want in their life partner. The candidate needs to provide necessary details about him or her, family background, and preference. Candidates can also post his or her picture or keep it private.

Though we have written about how to create a profile, but for a Reminder; keep your profile realistic, don’t stuff it with unnecessary things. Post your picture, not a big house or car or curtains of your place. Therefore, keep in mind that these seemingly insignificant details greatly affect matrimonial profiles.

2. Profile matching

Quick rishta search is one the coolest facility offered by the Online marriage agency. You can find matches by setting horoscope stars, interests, hobbies, and professions, or simply by asking a Chabot to help you. It will show the profile which will match your credentials to proceed further.

3. Search filters

Opening the filter option, setting the preferences about which type of partner you find, and clicking on apply; will give a lot of profiles of your match. At this point, you can surf through all of them to find the best one.

4. Chatting

After exploring the profiles, you can opt for the chat. Online marriage bureau has message, voice call, and even video call options coupled with other facilities to assist their candidates. Without chatting it is hard to match interest and mentality. So, you can choose any mode of communication to talk, but don’t go overboard by exchanging numbers at first message.

5. Video calling

For clearing doubts about any candidate’s appearance or personality, a video call option was introduced lately by online marriage bureaus. This is a good step for making the Rishta process more convenient as your family will not bother to travel just to see the groom or bride’s face. Users can now video chat as well as chat with potential partners. Families who live abroad can benefit from this feature as well as individuals.

6. Privacy settings

When choosing a matrimonial website, it’s important to consider privacy settings to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and secure. Check for a website that offers a profile, photo, and contact number visible to only the candidates you wanted to show. Websites should also offer a filtering message feature to block unwanted users.

7. Verification

Most importantly, what sets apart a matrimonial website from others is the verification process. This is a factor that can’t be provided by a traditional marriage bureau. Online marriage bureau verified their candidates to keep all proposals authentic. Verification can be done by examining their legal documents or by meeting the candidate physically. Verified candidates are less to be scammers because they paid fees to use the website so they are serious enough to tie a knot. So, you can easily distinguish between verified and non-verified profiles by a green or blue tick on their matrimonial profile.

How to pick the Right Online marriage bureau

Here are some recommendations for choosing the best online marriage agency:

  • Check the website’s reputation

Talk to your friends and relatives for an opinion on choosing an online marriage bureau. You can also post a question on a social media account or search it on Google. Do not forget to read the reviews and success stories of interesting websites.

  • Check the website’s user base

First, look into the website’s social media appearance and audience. Check the website’s user base before choosing the best online marriage agency to make sure there are enough potential matches to fit your preferences and criteria.

  • Check the website’s features

Second, look over the functions of the website. The website features play a crucial role in finding a match. Check for the profile creation, matching, chatting, verification, customer support, and privacy features before initiating the process.

  • Check the website’s privacy policy

Third, review the website’s privacy statement. Choose the website which has the best privacy policies to keep your details, photos, and linked accounts safe.

Utilizing marriage bureaus: Some Advice

If used properly, marriage bureaus can be useful for finding life partners. The following advice is for using marriage bureaus:

1. Find the ideal website for you

First, search for the ideal website with positive reviews, unique features, and top-notch customer service. The best websites may be those that charge.

2. Be genuine

Next, be honest with yourself. Create your profile with fairness, don’t lie about yourself, and don’t exaggerate about your wealth or family background. Be humble with others and show what you are.

3. Describe yourself using your profile

Create your profile after that in a way that a quick glance can accurately sum up your personality. This means, if you are a nature lover then post your photos close to nature and vice versa. If you are a straightforward person that describes everything boldly but remember not to be rude to anyone.

4. Examine profiles thoroughly

Don’t feed your mind to have a match soon, in any case. Check the profiles of your match thoroughly. See their details, preferences, and interests. You can also check their social media accounts to see their true selves. Examine as many profiles as you can to get a fair one.

5. Never rush a meeting

Additionally, do not rush to meet as soon as you begin to talk with them. It will show your desperate behavior which can be your negative point. Take things slowly. And when you become comfortable enough to see each other, organize a meet-up at a public place or a place suggested by the family. Meeting at an unknown place can be a little risky.

6. Be patient

Lastly, whether you’re starting an online marriage bureau or creating a profile on a matrimonial website, remember to be patient. Don’t think that on an online marriage bureau, you’ll find a match in a second. This is not how it works. Finding a digital match can take a minute or month, depending on the website you are using or luck. So, if you haven’t found any matches yet, then stay calm and keep searching. Remember, good things take time to happen.

Ending note

Last but not the least, the services offered by an online marriage bureau depend on the audience and users of the specific area. For example, in Pakistan, where people are not willing to create a detailed matrimonial profile because the process is long, Simple Rishta introduced a short yet easy method to use a website with a two-step registration process (create an account and verify) to give you access to the profile creation mode.

Most importantly, the process is free. You can register and create a profile without paying. Though registration is free, it is just for a limited time. So use the chance and register on Simple Rishta by using an email, Gmail, or Yahoo account.

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