There is no definitive answer to what parents look for in a perfect match for their kids. Since all parents may have different requirements, expectations and preferences. They may have different standards for choosing a spouse for their son and daughter depending on their culture, religion, beliefs, and interests. However, some typical considerations parents may consider when matchmaking for daughter and son are:

Earnings and education

Parents may search for suitable partners who have degrees and/or earn more than their son’s or daughter. They could also favor partners who are in respected and steady careers.

(a). Family and background

Parents could search for suitable partners who share or are compatible with their son’s or daughter’s family and background. Additionally, they may take into account things like race, religion, caste, community, and geography.

(b). Characteristics and interests

Parents may search for suitable partners who share or compliment their son’s or daughter’s personality and hobbies. When they begin the process of matchmaking for daughter or matchmaking for son, they might additionally take factors like values, goals, hobbies, and way of life into consideration.

Attraction and appearance

Families look for suitable partners who are appealing or beautiful and who can arouse their child’s physical and emotional needs. They additionally take into account things like age, health, height, and weight.

(a). Compatibility

Parents may select a spouse who shares their child’s personality, hobbies, views, goals, and way of life, whether it is matchmaking for daughter or a son. Additionally, they could take into account things like chemistry, attractiveness, and communication.

(b). Character

When choosing a partner, parents search for someone who will treat their child with compassion, respect, and honesty. Additionally, they may take into consideration variables like maturity, responsibility, and morality.

(c). Happiness

Parents search for a partner who promotes their child’s development, well-being, and happiness. They may also take things like love, affection, and commitment into account.

Matchmaking for daughter or son: simple or complex task?

It is uncertain if selecting a spouse for a son or daughter is more difficult. Because various parents may encounter different chances and problems. The following considerations might affect how simple or challenging it is to find a son or daughter’s spouse:

1. Potential matches’ accessibility and availability

There may be more or fewer prospective matches available depending on the region, culture, community, and preferences of the parents and the daughter. When looking for possible matches, parents may utilize a variety of techniques or venues, including social media sites, matrimonial apps, agencies, networks, and live events.

2. Expectations and preferences of the parents and the daughter

There may be more or fewer requirements to satisfy in order to locate the ideal match, depending on the values, objectives, and personalities of the parents and the daughter. Additionally, there may be opposing or discordant expectations or preferences between the daughter’s parents that call for discussion or compromise.

3. Involvement and cooperation of the parents and the daughter

There may be more or less involvement as well as cooperation in the matchmaking process, depending on the connection, communication, and trust between the daughter’s parents. Additionally, parents and their daughter may have opposed or different opinions or emotions towards the possible pairings, which might call for respect or understanding.

4. The feedback and outcome of the matchmaking process

There may be more or less feedback and results from the matchmaking process, depending on the caliber, quantity, and frequency of the prospective matches. The input and outcome can provoke diverse reactions or responses from the daughter’s parents, which may call for patience or persistence.

Standard of matching for daughter versus son

Parents love their children equally. But its bitter reality that sons always stand one step high than girls in our society. So, while there comes a time to choose a partner for their children, parents have different standards of matchmaking for daughter and set a high criterion for son. Sons seem to enjoy special consideration in our culture. Since more time is spent on them, they are given more encouraging words, and their skills are frequently regarded in higher respect.

Even if parents adore their kids, there is occasionally a distinction between son and daughter. As some parents pay more attention, time, care and love for a son than a daughter.  When it comes time for children to pick a relationship, parents frequently show partial bias when choosing between daughter and son. They take into account their right to do so and have various priorities, desires, and options.

Matchmaking for son

All parents begin daydreaming about a beautiful “bahu” (daughter in law) with all the traits as soon as their son enters marriageable age. When their son doesn’t get the female they want, some parents start contacting matchmakers to help them discover the right partner. They desire a young, gorgeous, affluent, intelligent, and obedient female. Some initiate a campaign to visit girls’ homes, enjoy the entertainment and etiquette set by the girls’ parents.

They feel it is their responsibility to discover something wrong with each visit. They believe their son to be a Prince Charming deserving of the most beautiful girl. The boy’s parents also want the girl to have a strong basis but any involvement from girl’s parents is unbearable.

Matchmaking for daughter

Gender preferences for characteristics including age, height, and partner education show considerable disparities. We also discover that in our country parents treat their sons differently from their girls. Typically, parents want a respectful male for their daughter. However, contrarily, they also require a simple and innocent girl for their boy.
As a girl reaches the age of marriage, parents have a hectic job to find a better half for a daughter. Unlike boys, girls are more likely to depend on their parents’ opinion than vice versa. Boys feel at ease and free to make any decisions they desire, either their career, employment, or life partner. Parents wish to seek a male for their daughter who is obedient, responsible, and prevalent. Who can provide a daughter with a lavish lifestyle.

Final thoughts

It is true that your parents are the people who know you the best. They aspire to the finest outcome for you. Due of this, parents are increasingly using rishta apps to find compatible partners for their children and avail their services of matchmaking for daughter and son. Simply because in comparison to conventional ways, modern apps and websites provide greater benefits. They provide people with more options for exploring matches.
Online rishta services are a more contemporary approach than conventional methods. It enables parents and people to look for partners who match their choices for characteristics like age, height, location, or education. However, conventional methods of mate selection still exist, and the process of matching still involves parents. So, take initiative and visit if you want a suitable life partner for you daughter or son. Utilize Simple Rishta, an online rishta site, to overcome the challenges of finding the ideal mate. After registering, you may create your children’s profile on this reliable app.

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