Weddings are the new step on life’s staircase. Which is why it is considered to be the most valuable day in everyone’s life. So, every person struggles to make their wedding day perfect.  

People think that on the marriage day, every eye will be on the bride. The bride will be the hall of attention. So, the bride should look perfect from head to toe. A bride should be looking like the epitome of beauty and perfection.  

But it is not true.  

Groom and Bride are necessary components without which marriage will be incomplete. If the bride should be looking perfect, so should the groom.  

In today’s Blog post, our team of Simple Rishta are going to tell you “How to groom for your wedding day?” And ” Do’s and Don’ts” for the marriage day. 

This blog is all about Grooms.  So, the boys who are soon to get married, this post is for you. Read it and tell us if it helps you or not.  

Do’s for the wedding day 

  • Make a checklist beforehand  

The groom should make a  

Checklist of things he wants to do on your wedding day. Man’s brain is not a CPU which will work accurately under pressure too. So, make a checklist beforehand to save any havoc on your special day.  

  • Be an early bird on your wedding day 

Waking up early on a marriage day cause no harm. You are a groom, which means you have a lot of responsibilities to do. Wake up early and do everything before time, so you could get time for yourself too.  

  • Meditate and Relax 

Thinking and imaging something in pure loneliness is called meditation. Being nervous and anxious for a wedding day is common for both men and women. Meditation is the solution for all.  

You don’t need a mat or scented candles to meditate. Just spare yourself a few minutes. Sit on your bed, block all voices of the surroundings and think about the good time. And pat yourself for walking this much in your life.  

  •  Get a haircut or trim  

A messy groom on his special day is a big no. It doesn’t matter what your hair or beard style is. Trimming can make the messy look sharper and well-presentable. So don’t forget to get a trim weekly before the wedding for a perfect beard and hair look.   

  • Check your outfit  

Wedding outfits are different from normal wear. Don’t think of it as your housing wear.  

It is better if you check your outfit a few hours before your wedding time.  

Set all your pieces of clothes like a dhoti, shalwar, kameez, kurta, turban, sherwani (Pakistani wedding outfits), pant coat, and waistcoat in a single wardrobe to prevent any wreckage.  

Outfit can’t be completed without shoes. So, polish your shoes well. It’s the thing grooms ignore mostly, which creates not-so-good impressions on others.  

× Don’t for the wedding day

  • Sleep late  

Grooms, it is okay, it’s not like you are sleeping for the last time or your bride will never let you sleep. So, try to nap less on your wedding day. Get up early, because an early boost indicates a good day.  Waking up late means the schedule will be late and everything will be rushed. And things done in a rush are the worst. 

  • Attend the party on the night before the wedding day 

Don’t attend any party before the wedding day. A party means a lot of drinks (if you are not in the Muslim community), dancing, draining of energy and late bedtime. Which we never want. We want a handsome groom entering the wedding hall, not a half-dead zombie.  

You need a lot of energy for standing all day at your wedding function and then for the photo shoot too. So don’t spend your night out of your house. Stay home and prepare for the day.  

  • Experiment with something on your face  

Your face will like the products you are using from the beginning. Don’t try something new on your face to get a glow. Go with your already-used products, experimenting with something new on your face will welcome rashes and acne which we never want on a wedding day. Beware of new products. 

~ Weddings can be anxious and rushed. But with the things mentioned above, you will be doing your best on the wedding day.  

Best of luck with your day! Enjoy it and tell us if our blog helps you or not.