In a happy marriage, the husband and wife relationship includes trust, closeness, deep connection, friendship, vulnerability, grief, and happiness. 

A happy marriage does not imply that the husband and wife will never have a significant disagreement; rather, it means that they will do so with mutual respect and understanding so that the union is not jeopardized. A successful marriage looks like this. But how do relationships reach the point where everything is manageable and under control? 

Simple Rishta has come back with the answer to the question “How to make a happy husband and wife relationship?”. Read the blog post to the end and find the answer.  

Here are the ingredients of a happy husband and wife relationship

1. Time

Marriage life doesn’t work without the time investment. Never have, never will. Any successful relationship needs intentional, attentive, quality time together. And quality time happens when quantity time is absent.  

The relationship with your spouse is the most intimate and deep relationship you’ll share. Thus, a husband and wife relationship needs more time than any other relationship.  

If possible, set aside all your activities and take some time (two or three hours minimum) to spend with your spouse. And a day out with your better half once in a while will not hurt either.  

2. Love

People say love is the thing that encourages them to cross hell too.  

Thinking about marriage, if you are not in a love relationship then turn your non-love marriage into a loved one.  

Try to find good things about your spouse and adore him or her for that.  

Try to love him or her and make a commitment. Express your love to him or her verbally and when they get comfortable enough to accept your spoken love then take your love to the next stage; showing it by actions.  

(In Muslim, the Nikkah is a thing that gives a spark of love in a person’s heart for his spouse. It is by Allah’s will.)  

3. Patience and Forgiveness

Every person has flaws so the ingredient of patience and Forgiveness is necessary for every husband and wife relationship.   

Partners in a happy marriage learn to show unending patience and Forgiveness to their spouse. They humbly accept their faults and do not expect any perfection from their mate. They do not trigger any past mistake to take the hostage of their partner and they do not seek to make amends and revenge when mistakes occur.  

If you are stuck to any past mistake of your partner or something he or she did to hurt you, then forgive them. It will set your heart and mind free. Your marriage will be on track to a happy one.  

4. Communication

Communication is the key to a happy marriage. Most successful marriages have one thing in common which is “they communicate.”  

Here communication means to share each and everything about yourself or the problems you are facing in a new house or life; with your spouse.  

Marriages having happy husband and wife relationship communicate freely, they discuss kids, schedules, groceries, and bills. They didn’t stop there; they also shared their fear, anxiety, dreams, hopes, and fantasies. They also discuss things that toll on their heart and soul.  

You can check our detailed blog about the importance of communication on our website:  

5. Respect the boundaries

Respecting each other’s boundaries realistically matters in a happy marriage.  

In the initial days of the marriage, couples are not comfortable enough to share about each other’s lives. In that case, both partners should learn how to respect each other’s boundaries.  

Boundaries are easy to cross but the hurt it causes is hard to mend. If you have set boundaries, then respect them. Breaking these boundaries will come with the breaking of trust. And the pain caused by someone close to you is itchier to ignore.  

6. No involvement of the third party

The most important ingredient to a happy Husband and wife relationship is a big no to external Involvement.  

Learn one thing by heart. No relationship in this temporary world is made for a man’s self except the Matrimonial one. Your husband or wife is part of your soul and heart. The problems with him or her should be clear with them, not any outsider.  

Marriage relationships can be cracked with the involvement of a third party.  

Share thoughts or complaints regarding your spouse with them, the words will hurt more if he or she listens to others’ mouths which are not yours. So, show some faithfulness to your spouse.  

7. Children

Many couples become hesitant to share their thoughts regarding children.  

Share your thoughts about when you want kids or when you do not.  

Children serve as a bridge to connect your hearts and souls.  

It is an old saying ” Children are the medicines to cure your marriage problems.” If you want your marriage to be on the happy track and you want your spouse to be responsible\serious for the marriage then do have kids.  

This step can’t be pressurised, take your time and think about it.  

8. Honesty/Trust

Honesty is one of the initial pillars of a happy marriage. Being honest with your spouse by telling him or her about each and everything may work like ball bearings to rotate the wheel of your marriage life efficiently.  

Trusting your wife or husband without a second thought is one of the best sensations to feel. Knowing that your spouse is trustworthy, faithful, and honest to you and that he or she will never take any advantage of the trust you are pouring into them will serve peace and happiness in your marriage.  

Remember; Once trust is broken, it can be hard to build it back up. Don’t get this chance to slip off your hands. Trust yourself and your spouse to add the spice of happiness to your marriage.  

~ A happy marriage also needs spices to taste in the form of praises, kind gestures and making your mate a priority. All in all, loving endlessly your spouse will add all ingredients to a happy husband and wife relationship simultaneously. Love your wife or husband as they deserve and enjoy the happiness of a marriage.  

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