We are not Living in an age where parents or elders of the family will search for a proposal and fix the marriage and we have to obey it at any cost. This was an old tradition. The 20th century is the modern age, where everyone has internet access to connect to the world. Brides and grooms are mature and assert their rights to finding a spouse at this age. And then the matrimonial websites came into the scene. People are using the internet to get access to matrimonial websites and then create matrimony profile to find the best for themselves by staying at home without any discomfort of traveling.  

There are many matrimonial websites available in a variety of languages that can assist a Candidate in finding their ideal life partner. They help you to build a marriage profile and will certainly help you to understand the other candidate in a variety of ways.  

For getting proposals on Online Rishta websites, your matrimony profile should be stunning. It is not rocketing science to create a matrimonial profile but there are things you should pay a little heed to. We are going to enlist the Don’t of matrimonial profile so you could get the attention of other hopefuls quickly. Here are some mistakes you should dodge in your matrimony profile 

Don’t skip basic Matrimonial details

If you genuinely want to find a partner on a Matrimonial website then don’t skip the basic details.  

Skipping about age, education, family, height, religion, language, etc can create a bad impression on the expected candidate. Be descriptive about the asked information and for connecting with others, make sure the information provided is true. 

Don’t use fake names

Keep your matrimony profile unique by creating it with your name. Using a celebrity’s name and then telling your potential partner about it will not leave a good impression. They will doubt other information too so be reasonable with your information.  

Don’t post distracting profile photos  

Profile photos are the first thing everyone notices on Matrimony profile so make sure to don’t post anything distracting in the background to divert the attention of the candidates. A bold or flashy photo is a big no in a matrimonial profile as it will be off-putting to the majority of the candidates. So, it is good to post a normal photo that could describe you better.  

Don’t let your expectations mislead you 

Be sure what you want in your partner. Write expectations without becoming confused or overbearing. Don’t Put down something which will confuse others about your seriousness in this matter. And use words that are easy to understand. It is your matrimony profile, not an English class.  

Don’t share personal information

The basic information asked by the Matrimonial website is enough to connect with someone. Sharing personal information overboard can cause problems. Personal information should be confidential unless you find someone to talk to about it. So please be careful about what you post on an Online Matrimonial platform and don’t post something personal on your matrimony profile 

Avoid praising yourself excessively 

Most of the candidates make the mistake of over-praising their Matrimony profile. When they are asked to write about themselves, they begin to self-praise.  

Sharing your hobbies, likes, dislikes, skills, etc is good but self-praise must be avoided. Try to avoid exaggerating yourself and your skills in an attempt to get attention.  

Don’t forget your account by just logging in

If you want your matrimony profile to reach more candidates then keep your profile active. An active profile can lead to more matches than a passive one. So, it is better if you log in daily and keep editing little details, ignoring your matrimonial profile will cause your account to be marked as inactive or Scam profile.  

Don’t be boastful

The most important point while creating a matrimony profile is to come across a humble human being. Showing an unwanted attitude and harsh words can turn away people from approaching you as they will find you intimidating or boastful. Use simple words about yourself and avoid appearing as perfect.  

Avoid looking for free services

Marriage is a huge deal as it is the most precious movement of life where we are going to take a step into a new chapter of life. Go for trusted websites and purchase a package to seek proposals. Looking for free services might end you up to fake contenders. So, try to create a Matrimony profile on paid websites for serious contenders.  

Avoid Clandestine meetings

Never, agree on meeting someone at an unknown place. Whatever the circumstances are, don’t agree upon meeting anyone just by seeing their marriage profile. If you believe in someone and want to meet them personally, call them at your house or take a friend with you. Tell your families and take their approval before meeting so they become aware of what is happening.  

Don’t lend them money

Fraudsters are looking for a naive person to slaughter and get money. Don’t be a goat to them. No matter how sad or plausible their story sounds, a person who will ask for money is not worth your time.  


Finding a partner on a Matrimonial website can be time taking but you’ll match eventually. When cybercrime is increasing and people are becoming the victim of a scam, we have provided you with the mistakes that should be avoided and should be checked by all other profiles. You can be your detective and by using these tips, you can avoid meeting non-serious candidates.   

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