ven though the prevalence of arranged marriages far outweighs that of love marriages, the practice of online matchmaking is growing rapidly. In today’s era of the digital world, most Pakistani families lean on online marriage bureaus to find a spouse for their family members who are single and looking. We’ll talk about Tips for Your First Matrimonial Meeting in this blog. By using these suggestions, one can transform their confusing first meeting with their potential partner into a captivating and unforgettable relationship. 

Super-Effective steps for First Matrimonial Meeting 

In contrast to the traditional system, the online matrimonial websites take on the role of family elders in matching potential spouses based on their preferences. The effort ultimately leads to finding a potential soulmate who can be finalized after going through a certain process.  

One of the most important steps of the whole process is meeting your potential partner for the first time. It is your opportunity to make a lasting impression, if not the last, on your potential suitors and people related to her/him. Following tips will help you leave a good image of yourself in your first marriage proposal meeting. 

Tips to make a lasting impression in your first meeting are given below. 

1. Meet in a Relaxed Environment 

The first piece of advice for a successful matrimonial meeting is to hold a meeting in a calm setting. Choose a quiet, active location where you can speak to the other person without interruption. The places, such as theme-based restaurants and coffee shops, provide a soothing and comfortable environment for conversation if you are not planning to meet at home. 

2. Start a conversation with a jovial query 

Keep in mind that this is a matrimonial meeting, not a job interview that you must ace at all costs. When you first meet your future spouse, the best way to introduce yourself is as if you are meeting a friend. Start a conversation with light-hearted questions rather than challenging ones during the initial meeting. 

3. Dress Properly 

What is that one thing that helps you form an opinion about someone before you even start talking to them? The way they are dressed! 

Dress appropriately so that you leave a lasting impression on them during your first matrimonial meeting. A major chunk of your first impression is transmitted through your attire even before you drop the first word out of your mouth.  

Your way of dressing is the first indicator of how well-groomed you are. Avoid overdressing in an attempt to look formal while making sure you are striking a reasonable balance between formal and casual dressing. Dressing too casually will give an impression that you don’t take the most important matter of your life seriously. 

4. Wear your best smile 

Your interpersonal style reveals a lot about your upbringing. You shouldn’t treat the other person casually just because they will be your future partner. A smile is always the best accessory to wear at meetups, especially matrimonial meetings. 

This is also one of the best ways to avoid looking mechanical. Flash your smile when you know it’s appropriate to smile. This is also one way of telling the other person that you are mentally present during your first meeting of zaroorat-e-rishta. 

5. Keep a sharp eye out

If you have the skill to interpret subtle body language, you can learn a lot about someone’s personality. Keep an eye on the way your potential life partner responds to questions by paying attention to how they talk and act. The right questions can make it simple for you to learn more about the other party’s behavior. 

6. Prepare yourself with answers 

As you plan your first meeting with your potential spouse you know there will be questions. These questions can come from both, your potential partner and/or people related to him/her. Making a note of things they might ask and how you will tackle their questions will help you in staying confident and composed during the meeting. Avoid stiff overtones and add sensible light humor to lighten the atmosphere. While giving biographical answers, focus on aspects that matter instead of telling your entire life story. 

7. Try not to be robotic in your answers                   

Do not sound like a word Bot or make it look like you’re reading from a script. Be natural in your conversation. Make sure your potential in-laws do not have to look up the dictionary to understand you better. 

8. Voice your expectations

Tell your potential partner about your expectations from married life. Your first matrimonial meeting will help you choose a partner with the same goals in mind. Your preferences, including your hobbies and interests, speak volumes about your lifestyle. Phrasing them properly will help your potential life partner understand your interests and appreciate your openness as a consequence. 

9. Don’ hesitate to ask questions 

Remember that this is a matrimonial meeting and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You have every right to inquire. Therefore, don’t be reluctant to ask any questions you might have.  

Keep a list of questions handy at all times so you don’t end up asking the same one repeatedly. This will help move the conversation along smoothly. Questions should cover a range of topics, including family, career, aspirations, and hobbies. 

10. Don’t be pretentious

Being pretentious does not go a long way. Stick to your natural self to avoid giving surprises in later meetings. Stay true to your normal self and don’t be over courteous as over courteousness indicates an artificial behavior. 

So, these are the advice that will enable you to overcome your initial matrimonial meeting jitters. Please leave a comment if you have any additional advice to offer. 


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