Marriage is an important step in everyone’s life and has distinct importance in different societies and traditions. Pakistan has the most unique culture that varies from area to area and province to province. Pakistan shows different types of marriage like Punjabi marriage, Balochi marriage, Sindhi marriage, and Pashtun marriage. These marriages have significant importance in Respected provinces with different dress codes, different rituals, and different meals. As a whole, Pakistan is like a vase. Where flowers of separate dyes are tied together in a single vase. Enhancing the beauty of the vase.  

Marriage is a one-time thing so every person should think intensively before deciding to tie the knot. Pakistani people are loving but highly devoted to customs and traditions. The custom of not asking for an opinion or fixing marriage just on the promise of the elder of the family is still in trend. Some areas still have a custom of fixing the marriage of their son or daughter at a very young age. Some people have the education to reject the customs of their ancestors and follow their hearts instead. 

Types of marriage

In Pakistan, arranged marriages are the most common type of union (regardless of location). As People believe that arranged marriages were more successful. They think that arranged marriages involved the prayers of parents and elders of the family.
The next type of marriage is the semi-arranged kind. In this type of marriage, young, receptive parents consider their children’s choice. This marriage is taking place of an arranged marriage in society now.  

 Last but not least, Love marriage. Our society does not support this type of marriage. So, if you decide to wed the person you adore, get ready for your parents to abandon you forever. 

Today we are going to discuss Types of marriage (arranged marriage, love marriage, and semi-arranged marriage) in Pakistan.  

If we miss any point here, you are always welcome to suggest it in our comment box. 

Here are some common types of marriage (irrespective of area) in Pakistan:   

  • Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage involves the involvement of a third party.  It is one of the traditional types of marriage. In an arranged marriage, the two spouses do not choose each other. Instead, others, usually their parents, make the selection.

Arranged marriages are very much common in all customs and traditions. The partners in most arranged marriages don’t know much about one another. As a result, they may initially find it challenging to get along after their marriage. 

In Pakistan, people thought marrying their child to someone of their liking is their right. For them, the choice of their children doesn’t matter which is wrong. Marriage has been occurring between a man and a woman. They both have to live together for the rest of their lives. But parents decide in the end. 

Arranged marriages have been prominent in many nations. The practice remains common in many regions, notably in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caucasus.  

  • Love marriage

Love marriage is the trendy one in western culture. Love marriage involves the feeling first then the marriage happens. The bride and groom have the freedom to select their spouse in a love marriage. Our culture does not support this kind of marriage. Since parents thought that kids couldn’t make better decisions. 

We came up with several couples living happy married love lives. But when we inquired more, However, after further exploration, we discovered a factor that is common to all cases of love marriage: the lack of additional support from the couple’s family. Their parents had disowned them as they possibly validated their so-called right of choosing mates for their kids.  

Love marriages are safe as the bride and groom can choose a partner of the same mentality or compatibility. Love marriages are more enjoyable as the couple knows each other very well and they couldn’t let misconceptions take place in their relationship. However, there are drawbacks to love marriages as well. Which will be covered in more detail later.

  • Semi Arranged marriage

Some people say that arranged marriage is best to adopt and some say love marriage is surely best. To cope with both types of marriage a midway has been created by a society known as Semi arranged marriage.  

Semi-arranged marriage is the type of marriage that is not fully Arranged or loved. In this marriage bride and groom are allowed to meet each other before the marriage day. It means they can see each other, talk to each other, and can develop some feelings too.  

Semi-arranging has been taking place in arranged marriages in Asian countries. People are finding it much better than love and arranged marriage. Men and women are allowed to see their partners before marriage. This gave them the satisfaction that their opinion has been accounted for in this marriage.  

Semi-arranged marriage is becoming acceptable because it involves the involvement of both parents and children. The parents can propose marriage to their children and kids can select and meet their better half. This is a win-win situation for both parties.  

What type of marriage is good to adopt?  

After describing the various types of marriage, the question that remains is: “Which type of marriage is best to adopt? 

Marriages are a critical yet special moment of life. Bonding with someone for a lifetime requires sensitive thinking. Parents never think bad for their kids but they should also take into account the opinion of their children.  

Every individual must choose from the types of marriage covered above when making a decision about getting married. It’s good if kids want to accept to their parents and choose an arranged marriage. It is most welcome and preferable to choose a semi-arranged marriage if he or she wants to add their opinion to that of the prospective spouse. Accept a love marriage if the person has already given their heart to their better half. In the end, you matter the most.   

We should always be aware of the viewpoints of our audience when discussing any subject. Let’s discuss this in the comments:  

“What kind of marriage do you consider to be ideal?” 

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